How to Tie Together a Multiple Room Renovation

Planning to renovate multiple rooms in your home at once can be a very exciting time. But when undertaking such a large project, the sheer amount of details involve can also become overwhelming. How do you tie together a multiple room renovation?


You want the rooms to flow into one another, especially if all of the renovated rooms are connected. At the same time, you want the purpose of each space to be clear. You also want to do something a bit different in each space to make it unique from the others. At the same time, you want the remodeled spaces to look like they could have always belonged there.


First, before you go too far into the design process, you want to consider the scale of your project. Are you looking to just freshen up the style and feel of your home overall? You can do this with a fresh coat of paint and some minor remodeling. But what if you are taking things down to the studs and starting over? Most projects are somewhere in between.


Whatever you decide to do, you want to make the most of your budget. Working with your design team, you may be amazed with what is possible with your home. So where focus your budget without leaving the other rooms behind?


As many experts will tell you, it’s important to budget the most money for the kitchen and bathrooms when they are being remodeled. But all that means for the other rooms is that you just need your design and build dollars to pack the most punch. One great addition to any room in the home is built in storage. Maximizing the use of existing square footage is great for your home’s overall value. It also just makes the home better for you to live in.


If you are remodeling a major space like the kitchen or one or more bathrooms, be careful to not over design. It’s very easy to get excited about all the different things that you want to do. But the great thing is that with the right guidance, you may have money left over in your remodeling budget to improve your other living spaces, as well.


Even if it’s not a whole home remodel, planning a multiple room renovation can still be a daunting process. But once you nail down the design and know what to expect, you can rest easier. Let the experience of your design and build team assure you that when all the work is done, your home will be more amazing than you could have ever imagined.