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A Breakfast Nook Isn’t Just for Breakfast

When remodeling your kitchen, you may find some space in your new space that doesn’t necessarily have a specific purpose. This can happen in older homes that may have a nook or cranny that may have once been part of a formal dining area. If you have a space like this, you may want to keep for purposes of maintaining your home’s character. To do this, you may want to convert that area into a breakfast nook in your design. The best thing about a breakfast nook is that it doesn’t always have to be about breakfast.


It is true that a proper breakfast is the best way to start the day. Like a breakfast bar, a breakfast nook facilitates a designated area to serve breakfast. Of course, like a corner booth or window seat at a diner, you need not only serve breakfast there. You can serve lunch or a light supper here as well.


Why not make the space feel like you’re dining out even though you’re actually dining in? Giving the nook a diner or restaurant feel can go a long way. Make sure that the overall style fits in with the rest of the kitchen. But you can make it stand out by using brighter colors and a special seating area.


This nook doesn’t only have to be a place for eating, either. Just as diners can be a great place for conversation, so can your breakfast nook. By having a coffee machine, a small fridge, and/or microwave nearby, you can easily have snacks and beverages nearby for convenience.


The more convenient you can make your nook, the better a space it is for entertaining a couple friends or family members. It’s also a great spot for doing work from home or running your own business. It can be a very comfy office space. If you like to invite clients, it can be a great spot for discussing business.


A breakfast nook is great for enhancing your kitchen’s style. But it also adds functional space to your kitchen that can be used any time of day. With comfortable seating and a good deal of natural light, you can make your nook into a perfect retreat that can be used in the morning, afternoon or evening.