Granite vs. Quartz vs. Quartzite – How to choose? What are the pros and cons?

A kitchen remodel can brighten an entire home with sparkling new life and gorgeous imagery. Selecting countertops is one of the most important steps in the remodeling process. Granite, quartz and quartzite are all very popular. They each offer expansive beauty and beneficial features. Here are some of the facts to consider before investing.


Each type of stone offers its own individual beauty, but with some differences.

Granite is igneous rock, which starts as molten lava before it cools and crystallizes, creating its own distinct patterns of internal color in every slab. No two pieces are alike, which adds to the attraction.

Quartzite is a metamorphic rock, formed from sandstone under intense pressure. Since, like granite, it is naturally formed, each piece is also unique in its appearance. Pure quartzite is white to gray in color, but iron oxide and other minerals create swirling hues of pink, yellow, green, orange or red in the stone. These unique patterns make for some gorgeous countertops and can match many color designs.

Quartz countertops are constructed of engineered materials. Quartz particles make up over 90% of the substance, mixed with resin and pigments to create a product that rivals solid stone in sheer luster. Since colors are added, it can be produced in a wide variety of shades to more easily match unusual environments.


Granite is a durable stone that resists heat. The solid slab design makes it difficult to damage. It is somewhat porous, however, and can stain if exposed to spills such as coffee or wine.

Quartzite is harder than granite and extremely durable. It also withstands heat very well. But even with its hardness, it also is sensitive to spills and stains.

Quartz is harder than both, and generally more durable. Since it is not porous like granite, it is almost indestructible. It is, however, sensitive to heat, and it can be damaged by cookware. Quartz does have an advantage in being slightly flexible and less prone to chipping.


Since granite and quartzite are both fairly porous, they should be sealed regularly to prevent stains. Quartz can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and requires very little maintenance.


Granite tends to be the lowest cost of the three unless you require large slabs with more intricate designs.

Quartzite runs a little higher because of the cost of mining deep into the earth to retrieve the solid slabs.

Quartz tends to cost more but is more flexible to produce. It can be easily created in nearly any shape and still retain all its advantages and benefits.

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Storage is Everything, But So is Organization

Why do so many of us want to remodel our kitchens and bathrooms? It’s because we need more storage! Remodels aren’t just about updating a space. They’re also about improving the function of a space.The best way to add function to a space is more storage. Read more

Using Built-ins to Maximize Storage Space in Any Space in the Home

If one of your major concerns about your home is lack of storage space, don’t fret. Built-in cabinetry is all you need to get!  Built-in furniture and storage units have become very popular in kitchen and bath design. But built-ins are used throughout the home to maximize square footage by putting some of the storage space into the walls.


Unlike free-standing cabinets and furniture, built-ins are meant to actually look and act like they are actually part of the house. They have both aesthetic and functional benefits. Not only does having built-ins give you more storage, but it can also provide extra seating, as well.


Built-ins can be customized for any room or space in the home.


Most built-ins are custom built, so they can fit any dimensions that you’re looking to fill. These spaces can range from small closets to large family rooms. There are stock options for built-ins available, if you’re looking to save some money in the budget, as well. Also, built-ins can be customized to fit the style and design scheme of your home. There are many paint, finish, trim, and hardware options to make your built-ins not only functional, but also look good. Remember, you want them to look like they belong there with the rest of the home.


Built-ins add more value to your home.


Since they are so versatile and maximize the use of square footage in the home, built-ins add value to your home overall. Homebuyers will always love extra storage, especially when it just looks like a furniture piece. While they are most obvious in living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms, you can’t forget their utility in closets, as well. A master bedroom makeover isn’t complete without finding a way to prevent having to buy more storage bins to stack up! Not having to constantly move bins here and there and make items more accessible is a plus, as well. The future owners of your home, or even your future self, will thank you.


Built-ins fit into any room, but even spaces that aren’t rooms, as well.


You’ve probably seen on home improvement shows where built-ins can be used under staircases and in hallways. Not only are these a great interior design element, but they serve as out-of-the-way storage for items that aren’t used every day. Why clutter up your basement, attic, or hall closets when you can just use your built-in storage?


Another great use of built-ins could be a seating area, especially by a window, or even a mudroom. At the front entrance of your home, you may have always wanted a mudroom to keep wet and/or dirty shoes and clothing out of the main living area. A built-in mudroom unit can do just that, without having to have its own room!


Built-ins are simple in concept, but do require a little bit of work to install. However, if you’re going to be tearing down walls anyway, it’s a great idea to consider them. Be sure to ask your friendly home improvement contractor how you can fit built-ins into multiple spaces and rooms in your home. Your home and your home’s occupants will thank you for the added utility and storage that built-ins provide.

Why Do Some People Remodel Instead of Sell?

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How to Tie Together a Multiple Room Renovation

Planning to renovate multiple rooms in your home at once can be a very exciting time. But when undertaking such a large project, the sheer amount of details involve can also become overwhelming. How do you tie together a multiple room renovation?


You want the rooms to flow into one another, especially if all of the renovated rooms are connected. At the same time, you want the purpose of each space to be clear. You also want to do something a bit different in each space to make it unique from the others. At the same time, you want the remodeled spaces to look like they could have always belonged there.


First, before you go too far into the design process, you want to consider the scale of your project. Are you looking to just freshen up the style and feel of your home overall? You can do this with a fresh coat of paint and some minor remodeling. But what if you are taking things down to the studs and starting over? Most projects are somewhere in between.


Whatever you decide to do, you want to make the most of your budget. Working with your design team, you may be amazed with what is possible with your home. So where focus your budget without leaving the other rooms behind?


As many experts will tell you, it’s important to budget the most money for the kitchen and bathrooms when they are being remodeled. But all that means for the other rooms is that you just need your design and build dollars to pack the most punch. One great addition to any room in the home is built in storage. Maximizing the use of existing square footage is great for your home’s overall value. It also just makes the home better for you to live in.


If you are remodeling a major space like the kitchen or one or more bathrooms, be careful to not over design. It’s very easy to get excited about all the different things that you want to do. But the great thing is that with the right guidance, you may have money left over in your remodeling budget to improve your other living spaces, as well.


Even if it’s not a whole home remodel, planning a multiple room renovation can still be a daunting process. But once you nail down the design and know what to expect, you can rest easier. Let the experience of your design and build team assure you that when all the work is done, your home will be more amazing than you could have ever imagined.

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5 Great Ways to Enhance Your Kitchen

Is your kitchen too plain? Maybe it has a theme but needs sprucing up. If you need to enhance the look of your kitchen, there are many great options out there. Here are five great ways to enhance your kitchen.

Stylish Backdrop

Looking to add visual interest to your kitchen? You may consider adding a stylish backdrop. Some people choose to spend as much on backsplashes as countertops. But you don’t have to spend that kind of money to be stylish. In fact, you can even use leftover remnants of countertops for that purpose. There are also many materials that cost less than you think. It’s a quick way to update the look of your kitchen.

Unique Flooring

With a focus on being more environmentally friendly, there are many recycled flooring options available today. This allows for some very unique flooring choices. As long as it’s durable and affordable, you could do something out of the ordinary. Ask your contractor for suggestions of what creative flooring materials may fit into your budget.

Waterfall Wall

You can have a great kitchen, but then have a blank wall that you’re not sure what to do with. If you have the plumbing in that wall to do so, you may consider turning it into a waterfall wall. This can be appealing to guests and relaxing for everyone. Imagine having a quiet family dinner to the sounds of rushing water. You also may have a social gathering in which a waterfall would be a grand background for entertaining.

Farmhouse Sink

Ever wanted a huge sink? It turns out that a lot of people do, and a lot of people have chosen to add classic farmhouse sinks to their kitchen. While some people prefer more contemporary double sinks, a farmhouse sink is a fashion statement. However, the large size can be advantageous for washing large items or when cooking certain meals. If you really need the second side you can always add a second basin for when you need it.

Open Concept Design

One of the main reason that homeowners remodel their kitchen is because their current kitchen feels too cramped. Even with a small kitchen, having an open concept design can do a lot for the utility of your space. It’s amazing what knocking down a wall can do. One common solution is to combine the kitchen with a traditional dining room to create one larger kitchen area. Even smaller homes can add surprising amounts of usable space by adopting an open concept throughout the home. The kitchen is the best place to do just that.

These five ideas are only the beginning when enhancing your kitchen. You may be trying to make it stand apart for style reasons or just looking to get better function from it. Either way, there is good reason to put a lot of thought into your kitchen. It’s a central part of your home. Properly budgeted, a kitchen remodel can transform your home in ways you can only now imagine.