6 Family Focused Reasons for a Finished Basement


You may have been thinking about finishing your basement for some time, but didn’t know where to start. Here are 6 reasons that our clients consider a finished basement for their homes.

Reason #1: Increase Your Home’s Living Space

More square footage and breathing room for your family is a huge advantage. It helps that having a finished basement increases home value, too. But while a lot of people may focus on the resale value of having a finished basement, the emotional value is probably even greater. Just knowing that having more breathing space, especially if you have a good sized family, definitely makes you feel a lot more comfortable.

Reason #2: Entertainment

Now it’s easier to have your friends over, or your kids’ friends over. It means that you can entertain more guests than you ever have before, especially if you add a bathroom to your finished basement. Even a half-bath is a huge boon. Who wants to keep going upstairs to go to the bathroom, and who wants to wait in line?

Reason #3: Room for Extended Family

Having the in-laws over a lot? Well, now if you have a finished basement, especially if it’s well-furnished with an extra bedroom, you can invite your extended family over much more often. With all of the adult kids being forced to have to live at home these days because of the economy, it’s also a great way to give them a way to have some space of their own.

Yes, this is what a finished basement can look like.

Yes, this is what a finished basement can look like.

Reason #4: Renting Out?

This one builds off of Reason #3. Many finished basements over the years have actually gone as far to turn the basement into its own fully-equipped living area, complete with full bathroom and kitchen and bedroom/living area. Perhaps you have a family member that needs a place to live, but would rather live somewhat independently – this works out great.

Having a complete finished basement like that also allows you to actually rent out that space, especially if you know someone that has a decent income, but can’t afford a place of their own. It’s great to have a house within a house and the resale value of a home with two complete kitchens is pretty high. But it’s good to know you have the option to give someone a place to live while earning a little extra income, as well. It’s not an option you have to consider, but it is a major consideration.

Reason #5: Bring Order to Chaos

Many unfinished basements become extremely cluttered over the years due to the fact that many families stack up things down there that they want out of the way on the main floors. But by finishing your basement, you can create more organized storage areas with proper shelving and cabinetry. Well-insulated and more organized storage spaces mean less clutter around your main floors, while also not worrying about the environmental effects that storing items in unfinished basements could cause.

Reason #6: Comfort

This may be one of the best reasons for finishing your basement. Well-insulated basements happen to be coolest place in your home during summer and the warmest in winter. Cool, I mean, cozy, huh? It’s good to have a safe haven during the hottest or coldest days of the year, while also allowing you to save a bit on heating and cooling costs.

If one or more of these 6 reasons have convinced you to finish your basement, Scott Hall Remodeling is happy to discuss your situation. Whether you’re looking to build a better storage space with some extra living space, an entertainment area, or a complete apartment down in your basement, we’ll help you to realize it.

With our Design/Build process, we can help you design and construct the finished basement that you’re looking for – from complete apartment-type basements complete with bath and kitchen to the more ordinary entertainment areas. If you’re just looking for a couple extra bedrooms or need a downstairs office, we’re up for that, too. Whatever it is you’re looking for, with our design experts and talented artisans, Scott Hall Remodeling is your one-stop shop for basement remodeling!