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Kitchen Remodeling: Why Design/Build?

You may have heard that remodeling a kitchen can be a daunting task and quite an expensive endeavor. But imagine for a moment what a remodeled kitchen can mean to your family, and to the value of your home. We’ve implemented a proven process of getting through any type of interior remodeling project requiring large amounts of decisions and detail.

The best part about Scott Hall Remodeling is that the design and build is all under one roof. You don’t have to rely on some contractor you nothing about installing your kitchen just because it’s the showroom’s guys. Some showrooms will even bid out installation work and don’t necessarily guarantee their workmanship. The last thing you want is product incorrectly installed. In our case, your designers and those installing your kitchen all work for the same company and we never shy away from accountability. You can rest assured we’ll stand behind our work, and if something goes wrong, it’s on us. You can be sure we’ll be in touch with you about any problems we encounter. You won’t get that with just any showroom or big-box store.


What’s Wrong with “Budget” Kitchen Design Centers?

While there are plenty of “budget” options out there for stock cabinetry and countertops, when it comes to kitchens, you don’t ever want to cut corners.  The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any home, so you don’t want to sacrifice quality just for the sake of price point. While a lot of budget kitchen design showrooms may claim that their product is just as good as semi-custom or custom options, you will find that the options present may not fit what you really need.

For those wondering what the difference between stock, semi-custom, and custom cabinetry are, we will explain. Stock cabinets are cabinets that do not have additional options built into them. Semi-custom cabinets are essentially stock cabinets, but they can be adapted depending on situations with various dimensional adjustments and organizational options. Custom cabinets are just that – customized for the exact need you’re looking for. Some showrooms will try to push a complete custom line on you, and while in some situations having a complete kitchen of custom cabinets is perfectly fine, it doesn’t fit into a lot of budgets.

When dealing with a kitchen showroom, whether they are “budget” or not, you are given only a few options. It’s likely that your kitchen situation may require certain dimensions of cabinetry that they don’t have in stock. These sorts of showrooms are about selling cabinetry, not walking you through the process of what is actually best for you and your home. While some of these showrooms may have good designers, there isn’t the guarantee that you’ll get the kitchen you’re really looking for in the end.


Why Avoid Big Box Stores?

Big-box stores are often all about just selling as much cabinetry as they can. While you may run into a good designer in one of these stores, they’re just as limited by the design options available for the stock lines as much as you would be. Sure, they can get creative, but you’re still limited by whatever products are offered. The kitchen is one of the parts of your home where you really don’t want to get stuck with only a few options and be forced to make choices you really don’t want to have to make.

Also, with big box stores, it’s hard to say who will be installing your kitchen. Sometimes, that job is performed by employees of the particular big-box chain, but in some areas, it’s not, and there isn’t always a satisfaction guarantee. Big box stores are out to just make the most profit that they can on often lower-end products purchased in bulk on the cheap. That isn’t what you want for your kitchen.


Why Design/Build?

This is where hiring a Design/Build remodeling firm differs greatly from those types of companies. At Scott Hall Remodeling, we have developed a five-phase Design/Build process for every project that we do. Some of the benefits of this process include:

  • From concept through design and building, we take you through every step of the way
  • Talented design experts with the product and design knowledge to work with your individual situation and style
  • Anticipating any problems that may arise and helping you make the right decision when unforeseen issues may arise
  • With Scope Development inherent in the Design/Build philosophy, you can stay in budget while sacrificing the least amount of your needs and wants to fit your budget
  • Be presented with far more options than budget kitchen showrooms and big box stores could ever provide
  • Not have particular lines or products pushed on you to meet sales quotas

You may be surprised how far you can stretch a kitchen remodeling budget by using stock cabinetry in areas that can use it, while mixing in semi-custom and custom options in the areas of your design that would be best suited for it. While it sounds odd to mix and match cabinetry in that way, door styles can be matched on the semi-custom and custom lines to match the stock cabinets.

We will help you find only the best products for your budget and situation. If we feel we can mix and match with other options while staying in budget, we will present these options to you. It’s the same situation with countertops – there are many different countertop options on the market, not only the granite and laminate you may see often. When it comes down to lighting options, sinks, faucets, and other considerations, we’ll also be closely involved in the decision-making process. We’ll even help you select appliances if need be.