Creating Utility & Storage Space in the Basement to Free Up Room in Your Bathroom or Kitchen

While remodeling your bathroom or kitchen, you may have found that you need to move certain items out to make room in the new design. So what can you do with these displaced items? Many people will just store them in an unused attic space or in the basement. If you’re going to store these things in the basement, though, why not create a dedicated utility & storage spot there to keep it organized?


Basement Storage with a Purpose


Just as your bathroom and kitchen need to be organized with a purpose, it’s important to organize any arrangement in your basement with the same care. Especially if you’re looking to move some old, but still useful, appliances out of your old kitchen, you want to be sure that they will actually still serve a purpose in the basement.


The last thing you want to happen is your old stuff simply gathering dust. If you’ve been storing items in your bathroom that you’re not really using, but want to keep around, you’ll want to ask yourself the same question: am I going to use this? Make sure that when you decide to use your basement for storage that it’s stuff for which you have a clear future use.


The Many Uses of a Basement Utility & Storage Area


Unlike with a bathroom or kitchen, the best thing about a utility area is that you don’t have to keep the purpose of the space all of the time. Finishing the area to make it more comfortable and better for use is a good idea. That way if you decide to change the purpose of the space later, you’ll have a lot of the remodeling work out of the way.


One common use for a basement utility area is as an additional pantry space. Especially if you’re the type who likes to stock up on things when they are on sale, having extra pantry space in the basement can be a good idea. By finishing the area, you don’t have to work about temperature and moisture being a problem for those items.


Keeping Handy, But Not Everyday Items in an Accessible Place


Also, it makes sense to keep some appliances in the basement, such as an additional fridge, or cleaning appliances such as smaller vacuums or carpet cleaners that you may not use every day. Even storing smaller, but useful items in the basement that you don’t use everyday improves the utility of your other spaces by only keeping what you constantly need on hand in the high-traffic areas.


Even if you maximize your storage space in your bathroom and kitchen with a remodel, you may still find that you don’t have all the space you need. Trying to keep everything in one place is what can lead to clutter and making it difficult to find what you’re looking for when the need arises. By utilizing what may not be the best utilized space in your basement, you can expand your ability to easily store and access items that you need all the time versus those that you only need for specific tasks.


Don’t let your basement just become a warehouse. Make it a living, breathing part of your home by turning it into a purposeful utility and storage area!