6 Design Ideas for 2017

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to finally tackle some of the home improvement projects you’ve been looking at? This is a great time to consider any size project as home improvement stores try to clear out material to make way for the 2017 stock. Whatever style or trend you are interested in, here are six design home ideas to consider in 2017.

Contrasting Islands

If you have an island, why not use it to accent the entire kitchen? After all, it really can become a dominating element to the room. By utilizing a contrasting island look, you can use a lighter counter top and a dark base. Doing so instantly adds interest to the island, not to mention having a dark base can help cover up any scuffs or shoe marks common with an area under a table top.

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Kitchen Entertaining Hubs

A beautiful kitchen is also a great way for entertainment. After all, it is where people come to gather, whether they are waiting for you to finish dinner or just hanging out after working on the yard. If you have some space along a kitchen wall putting an entertaining hub is an excellent investment. You can place an extra wet bar sink here, a small fridge under the counter with soft drinks or have other beverage and food prep right here.


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White and Wood Kitchens

Tile and laminate have long remained the go-to flooring option for kitchens. However, with how modern wood flooring is treated, it now can handle not only the foot traffic but the spills and drops common to kitchens. The combination of wood used throughout a kitchen and white can help brighten the room. It puts all the attention center stage onto your beautiful meals.

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Walls of Tile in Bathrooms and Kitchens

Instead of using just a back splash or tiles around only a tub, take the tiles all the way to the ceiling. It keeps a unified look and looks beautiful in both kitchens and bathrooms.

Hanging Chairs

Who doesn’t love a great hanging chair outside? Why not bring that magic inside? Best of all, these hanging chairs add extra interest while making it easier to vacuum around it.

Amped-Up Coffee Stations

Say goodbye to the boring Mr. Coffee pot and say hello to an amped-up coffee station. Instead of splurging on coffee before heading out to work why not make better tasting coffee at home? Add a warming drawer for mugs and you’ll really have the chic coffee shop feeling to it.