Angie’s List Best Contractor of 2012 Columbus Ohio Finalist – Scott Hall Remodeling

We are very pleased and excited to be chosen by Angie’s List as a finalist for the Best Contractor of the Year. This is the most prestigious award that Angie’s List gives out and will be awarding the winner (s) in December or January. Less than 1% Companies in the Columbus Area were chosen as a finalist for this award.

We were called this week to be interviewed by Angie’s List regarding what we believe contributes to being able to provide such a high level of customer satisfaction on such a consistent basis. Several of our customers that we have provided bathroom remodeling for this year called us this week with their support and let us know that they were called by Adam Wire of Angie’s List to be interviewed.  We are very grateful to each of you who were called and took the time to participate in the interview.

While the final winner(s) have not yet been actually selected, we sincerely appreciate our being selected as a finalist.

Scott Hall Remodeling is dedicated to providing the highest quality bathroom remodeling in the industry along with top notch customer service throughout the Columbus, Ohio area.  We really wish to thank all our our customers this year for taking the time to give Angie’s List their feedback!

— Scott Hall