K-Step 4 Kids Campaign

K-Step 4 KidsA recent client of ours has shared with us a story about the “K-Step 4 Kids campaign”.   Having had our own personal experiences with cancer in our family and in particular one instance with our grandson over the past year, I feel moved to share this story through our News Feed to get the word out about the “K-Step 4 Kids Campaign”.
 Late last year, our grandson Jayce (2 years old at the time) had some bruising on his body for a couple weeks.  We all thought it was just that he was a playful kid who was falling a lot and rough-housing.  Our daughter was concerned and took him to the doctor and found out in an instant that he had Leukemia.  Starting immediately (that very afternoon) our daughter and husband’s life got turned completely upside down with fear and not knowing if Jayce was going to make it.  The chances were slim as the Leukemia was aggressive.  For the next 4 months they lived in a tiny hospital room with Jayce as he went through 4 rounds of intensive treatment at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio.  Now, almost a year later , he is currently in remission and doing very well.  His chances of surviving the next 5 years have now increased to 65%.

– Scott Hall (President of Scott Hall Remodeling)

Here is the story from our recent Bathroom Remodeling Client (Davis and Lynne Herman in Dublin, OH):