Choosing Paint Colors That Work With Your Style

When deciding on paint colors for your home, it’s wise to keep your personal and decorative style in mind. This way, you can be happy with the changes for a long time period. Color matters when it comes to creating a specific style and mood in your home. Here are a few things that should help when choosing paint that work with your style. 

pick_colorExamine Your Decor

Take a look at everything that is in the area you’re going to paint. Examine the various colors that are among the decor. Is there a specific color that flows throughout? Is there a color that you want to stand out more? These are the colors you should choose to paint with. You might even use a combination of two or more of them to create an accent wall or to frame the room.

Consider Your Hobbies

What type of activities do you participate in? Is there a specific sport or other hobby that is prevalent in your life? Try to choose colors that represent this activity. For instance, if you have a favorite sports team, you may choose colors that represent them. If you enjoy activities involving water, you might consider tones representative of beaches.

What Mood Do You Want Represented?

Would you like the area being painted to be relaxing? Maybe you’d prefer something upbeat for social gatherings. Maybe you need something inspirational. Think about which colors create the desired mood when you look at them. Choose these accordingly.

Once you have considered the above, bring them all together to choose the best colors for your home. With careful planning, you’ll create exactly the mood and style you’ll enjoy in your home for years to come. Style is about both looks and feelings and your house should be both for you at all times.