Turning Your Basement Into A Yoga Studio

Have you ever thought of turning your basement into a fitness room or yoga studio? It’s been done before, and in fact, at times even turned into a side business. Whether it’s for personal use or more, remodeling your basement for the purpose of a yoga studio or fitness area is actually fairly easy to do.


Since you’re probably using yoga mats anyway, floor material may not matter. However, take into consideration that the smoother the surface, the better when it comes to relaxation. Vinyl might do the trick and it’s inexpensive and very easy to install. Hardwood is also a popular option for yoga studios, as it can be pleasing to the eye. Yoga is all about peace and the environment it’s done in can often play a role in that.


People think of the basement as a dark place. But with the proper lighting fixtures, it doesn’t need to be at all. When choosing fixtures for a yoga studio, consider the peaceful mood that should be created. Choose calm and cool colors to set the relaxing mood. Lights should be dimmer than your usual lighting for purposes of relaxation. But remember that you’re in a basement, so going too dim might not be wise. You may have to experiment to see what works best for setting the mood.

Windows and Treatments

Basement windows are generally higher up on the wall, which is actually a good thing when it comes to a yoga studio. To accent the windows, try a blend of calming colors with bright ones for a happy, but relaxing tone. Soft, lightweight fabrics that can blow subtly in the wind and be tied away in fun patterns are good for this.

Fitness Room/Dance Studio Mirror

One of the fixtures in any sort of dance or yoga studio is a fitness room or studio mirror. For purposes of Yoga, having one helps people recognize if they are doing their poses correctly. Many exercises can be made more effective by using a mirror to check your posture. By having a mirror that takes up an entire wall, the room can feel twice as large.

Dance Barre

Some yoga poses may require the use of a dance barre for balance, especially when in the beginning stages of learning them. This can help with balance, stretching, and more. The dance barre is usually installed in front of the studio mirror for checking poses and posture. Many people who do yoga also enjoy dance. Therefore, the dance barre gives some added flexibility to the space.


White walls can help make the room feel more open and inviting. But there should also be accents. Try having one accent wall that matches with the window treatments. If you’ve chosen two colors for the treatments, try using the secondary color for the window and door frames. Remember to stick to calm colors or a mixture of calm and bright for balance. Since yoga is about balance, peace, and harmony, you don’t want to get too crazy. Everything should be balanced.