Should You Move Out During Your Whole House Remodel?

This is a big question, and it is one that you need to think about carefully. If you have never stayed in your home while it is being remodelled, you will have no idea of what it is like or whether you need to get out of the way. There are a lot of things to consider, and there is no single right answer – it will be a different case for every individual. However, we have gathered a few things here that you can consider before making the decision, to help you go in the right direction for you.

Think about costs

movedThis is the first thing on the minds of most homeowners, but it is not as straightforward an answer as you might think. If you stay home, instead of renting or going to a hotel, then you will save money, right? Well, maybe not. Some contractors charge more when they know that you will be staying on. This is because it makes the work more complicated for them. It is worth asking them for a quote in each situation so that you can weigh up the costs and benefits of either side.

Consider the scale

If you are just having the end of one room done, then maybe you will be alright to stay home. But if more than half of the property is affected, or all of the bathrooms, or the kitchen, you will have big problems if you stay. The same is true if work would involve taking off all or part of the roof temporarily. Consider the noise, too, and the amount of workmen involved. This may influence your decision, as there is only so much that you can put up with for an extended period of time.

Kids and pets

If you have either of the two above family members staying in your home, and then moving out might be a better option. Both children and pets need to be kept safe and away from construction work. Will their ears be too sensitive to be around machine work? Will they be easily injured if they stray too close to the work? You can put in temporary child gates or plastic sheeting, but you cannot guarantee that nothing will happen. It may also make them cranky – crying kids and howling dogs are no fun when you already have to contend with the construction noise.

Consider cleaning requirements

It can get very old, very fast to try and clean up the house when it is undergoing a remodel. Dust and dirt will get everywhere, especially if you have a wall coming down at any point. If you have part of your home inaccessible for a time, this may also cause other complications. You might have to clean dishes in the bath or sink, take clothes to a dry cleaner, or head to a neighbour’s house for a shower. How long can you put up with that for?