Remodeling Your Kitchen To Cook Great Recipes

Have you ever read some recipes, such as those found in the Life and Entertainment section of the Columbus Dispatch, and thought to yourself, how would I ever cook these in my kitchen? Ever found that cooking holiday meals is more of a nightmare than it really should be? It comes down to having a kitchen with a good workflow and ample counter space to make sure things don’t get cluttered out of control. If you find your kitchen is too cramped or inefficient, there are plenty of ways to improve your space.

Maximize Counter Space with Storage Cart

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Especially in smaller kitchens, counter space is at a premium. If there isn’t sufficient storage, items can tend to find “homes” on the counter, even if they don’t really belong there. One solution is to find a portable cart that can be used while preparing meals or offering extra space for other reasons – sort of like a mini breakfast bar.

Improve Workflow With Design or Arrangement Changes

Sometimes your kitchen layout simply isn’t working. This is one of the more difficult things to change because cabinetry configurations get involved. It can be as simple as simply rearranging your existing units. If you have good, solid cabinets, this is the best option. If your cabinets are already fairly large, you can get organizational systems for your cabinets to make better use of your existing space.

Double Wall Ovens Save Space and Time

Not only are double wall ovens affordable, but they can be major space savers, eliminating the need for a toaster oven or an extra wide appliance. Imagine being able to bake and cook at the same time. Have a complicated meal that requires different temperatures for everything? Double wall ovens can save preparation time in these and other instances. Also, when the double oven is installed in the wall, it leaves more room for extra storage or counter space. The best meals are made when you’re able to cook with ease.

Keep Most Used Items in Plain View and Within Easy Reach

Think of all the items you use most often and make plans with your contractor for the best storage options. For instance, utensils can hang above the stove or be stored in canisters on the counter top. The most used pots and pans can hang in easy reach or be stored within plain view, such as on a rack or stand. Consider removing the doors from some or all cabinets for easier access to everything you need in order to cook.

Use Wall Shelving or Other Easy Access Storage for Larger Items

Floating wall shelves can really free up space on the countertop that may normally be taken up by small appliances. Try placing the toaster, blender, can opener, and small dishes on the floating shelves. These shelves can be aligned throughout the kitchen wall space and customized for your specific usage. Built-ins, suspended ceiling racks, and countertop racks are also great storage solutions that are more convenient for easy cooking.

10 Key Components to Think About When Planning Your Kitchen Design

There is a reason why the kitchen area is referred to as the heart of any home: it’s the place where you and your loved ones gather together for cooking, eating, socializing, and, occasionally, catching up for a snack or cup of tea. In most homes, the kitchen area has turned into a multi-purpose room, which has an eating table, a computer table, entertainment area, and even a fireplace.

These are 10 basic things to think about when planning your kitchen design. Read more

Great Ideas in Kitchen Design to Spruce up the Most Popular Room in Your Home

If you really think about it, the kitchen is the most popular room in your home. No matter what age the person is in your house, they are all going to your kitchen at some point. Even your family pets find themselves in the kitchen, and guests will frequently be there as well. This is why making some improvements to its look and feel can really make a difference in improving the overall way your home looks. A kitchen design change may be the key for you.

If you are thinking that this works for you, then you may want some good ideas that can help to change the way your kitchen looks. Here are some ideas for you.

Brass Handles

Nothing really spruces up the look of any room like brass. It has such an elegant look and feel to it that everyone likes. Yes, it is true that brass is much harder to clean and unpolished brass can really hinder the look you are looking for, but if you are willing to do a little extra work to keep it looking its best then brass handles on the doors and cabinets is a real winner.

White Is In

More kitchens are being designed with darker colors to them, but this is not the most aesthetically pleasing look that you can have. The best look is to go with white. First of all, it gives a very clean look to the whole room, which always makes people like to be in it more. Kitchens should look and feel clean since food is being made there, so white really benefits that feeling. In addition, white lights up the room more. That makes it more enjoyable to be in it, and will also make working in the kitchen easier. Plus it saves energy.

Marble Counter Tops

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While white is great for appliances, cabinets and walls, granite or marble counter tops are the way to go. They really add class as well, and make the kitchen have a whole new look. In addition, they are hard to damage, so the longevity of them is much better than what you would find with traditional countertop materials. You cannot go wrong with marble or granite, but you should be aware that they can be quite expensive.

Hardwood Floors over Tile

Most people have tile or linoleum put in as the flooring to their kitchen and this looks good. It is a quality look. However, nothing makes a room look better than hardwood floors. There is such a great look to the kitchen as a whole, because it makes it look a lot more traditional. This is just the way a kitchen should look.

If you are looking for a great kitchen design, these are some great ways to improve the look of the kitchen so that you really give it the look you want. These changes will create a great improvement and make the most popular room in your home something you can really be proud of.

Renovating Your Kitchen for More Livable Space

Your kitchen is one of the most used places in your home. If it’s not exactly working for you, consider renovating for more livable space. Cooking meals while relaxing with or entertaining family and friends becomes a bigger possibility when there’s enough space to do so. From start to finish, you’ll be glad you decided to renovate and renew your outdated kitchen space.

Consider an Open Style Concept

An open style design can create more livable space, as the kitchen more easily flows into another room or rooms. This makes the kitchen more spacious, as well as opens up options for more seating, hanging out with friends, and so on. For instance, if walls are removed and an island is installed, family members and guests can be seated at the island. If the kitchen opens into the dining area or living room, this also provides more seating and relaxation options.

Dealing With Small Spaces

Small spaces may seem tough to deal with but there are many ways to make the most of what’s available. For instance, built-in storage is one way to save space. Folding or in-wall pull-out  seating options may also help. Your contractor will help with your specific area. Further ideas include adding seating to countertop areas, leaving decor to wall art and floating shelves, combining two or more rooms to gain more space, or building an addition.

Use Unique Storage Ideas

Sometimes finding more space to live in is all about creating more space for storage. How well are you using all of the potential space? Sometimes there is extra space you could be using for storage but aren’t. Built-in storage is one way to solve this issue and free up a large amount of space. Also, consider using the spaces above and below appliances and cabinetry for shelving or storage drawers. These are just some of many options available. A good design build contractor will have the best ideas for your exact space.

Stack Appliances

Choosing appliances that can be aligned vertically is another way to create more livable space. Your contractor can help design countertopsand cabinetry to accommodate for this option. Ovens, dishwashers, and microwave ovens are common appliances this is done with. If your washer and dryer are generally in your kitchen area, there are stackable options for those as well. When your appliances are aligned this way, less space is taken up by them, allowing more room for other options.

Consider Multipurpose Options

Sometimes people opt for islands to create a space that is useful for more than one task. There are also many other ways to create multipurpose spaces. When you’re using spaces for more than one purpose, it helps free up other spaces you may not have been able to work with before. This leaves more room for relaxation, seating, and other “living” areas.


Creating extra livable space is all about design, comfort, and functionality. Your design build contractor can help develop a plan that works for your exact needs, lifestyle, and budget.


Surviving a Kitchen Remodel


Remodels can become very stressful business even with the best planning. However there are ways to reduce stress to a comfortable minimum. Surviving a kitchen remodel is as much about leaving the hard part to the professionals as it is about being clear and understanding from the start. Learn how to get what you want from a remodel while expecting the unexpected.

Be Clear From The StartEastmoor Columbus Kitchen Remodel

When you give clear and concise details upfront, surviving a kitchen remodel is much simpler. Communication plays a major role in things going smoothly. For the best results, your contractor should always know exactly what you’re looking for. Try to be clear about each details, including knobs and hardware, if these need to be specific. That way, the end result is what you expect or better. For instance, if you don’t like nickel finishes, this should be specified before the project begins so that the proper materials are used. The more detailed you are, the better.

Expect the Unexpected

The basic idea is to understand that things will happen during a remodel that could cause some unexpected twists and turns in the course of the project. Rather than focus on what could go wrong, focus on whatever progress is being made no matter how big or small. If something doesn’t go according to plan, it’s best to work with your professional kitchen contractor to sort out the solution quickly, rather than get upset over the details. Generally, these twists can occur due to hidden construction issues or miscommunication. Both the contractor and homeowner should remember that problems will get resolved quicker if everyone remains calm and works together on the resolution.

Understanding and Managing Delays

Managing delays is the most important part. They are a common part of remodeling and have to be accepted as such. Sometimes a special selection may take longer to order, which could delay the kitchen remodel. If it’s important enough to wait, don’t let it deter you from your dream look. The best way to handle something like this is to be prepared beforehand. By going into a remodeling project prepared for the worst, you will more readily be able to handle any changes. Usually the worst is avoided. But being prepared just in case will help you understand small delays and appreciate positive results.

Discuss Changes Quickly

If you decide to change the materials used in your kitchen remodel, inform your contractor as quickly as possible. This will help avoid unnecessary costs. One simple change in countertop or flooring can slow down the process and/or change the cost of your kitchen remodel. Therefore, changes should be made before things get underway, wherever possible. If you have a change of heart after things get started, express your concerns right away. That way, if a change does need to happen, it’s less likely to affect other materials in the process. For instance, changing the sink choice after the countertop is installed may require installing a new countertop as well, since sink measurements can vary significantly.


Finding The Right Kitchen Island

The kitchen is one of the highest traffic areas in the home and, because of this; most people want their kitchen to look absolutely beautiful. One way that people have added a touch of style to their kitchen is by adding an island. This not only provides more space for kitchen tasks to be performed, especially if more people are in the kitchen than normal, but it also provides a great look that makes the kitchen look ideal.

If you are looking to add an island to yourRX-iStock10023775_Antique-kitchen-island_s4x3.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.1280.960 kitchen so that it has that style you desire, here are some things to consider when you are making your decision.

First, you want to ask yourself if an island will even fit. If it will, how big of an island can you have? These are very important things to consider first, because there will be several questions you will need to answer later, but space is the important first factor to consider. If you do not have the space you are literally wasting your time if you are considering some of these options.

Once you have determined the availability of having an island, the next thing to ask yourself is what you want to use your island for. Some add a sink or an additional stove or oven to their island. To do this you will need to be able to have water and electricity or gas to provide water to the sink or electricity or gas for the stove or oven. If this is not possible to get these sources, then you need to think of other options.

Many decide that they want a little refrigerator in their kitchen island. While there is a larger refrigerator in the kitchen, some still like the added refrigeration space that is literally just at their fingertips.

While things like sinks and stoves are ideal accessories to the island, most choose to add a kitchen island for functionality. People need additional space for a variety of functions that extra space helps to be able to accomplish. The two most common functions of the kitchen island are cutting and storage.

People like the idea of a large central location that they can cut up vegetables, fruits and meats to use with meals. Usually the counter space can be too small of an area to do a lot of cutting on, and so the island becomes the ideal spot to do this. This is especially true because it does not require contorting one’s body to be able to cut at the right angle to accommodate cabinets and angles of the kitchen. The island is an open area that makes cutting much easier to do.

Kitchen islands also contain drawers, cabinets and hangers that can be used for storage. This can often double the amount of storage space to hold utensils, pots and pans, towels, cleaners, and all those odds and ends you stuff in a drawer. The possibilities are virtually limitless, and this is one of the primary reasons why people like the kitchen island so much.