Can I Install a Granite Countertop in a Kitchen With An Uneven Floor?

You may be planning to install a granite countertop in a kitchen which has an uneven or unlevel floor. This isn’t that unusual in many kitchens, especially in older homes with foundations that have settled. In any case, you only need to worry about the cabinets themselves being level. If properly installed, the cabinets may not be a problem, especially if they are relatively new. So yes, you can install a granite countertop in a kitchen with an unlevel floor. You just need to be sure that the counter itself is level.

So, what if the cabinets aren’t quite level enough? If you have older cabinets, it’s not all that rare for them to settle along with the rest of the house. But obviously, you want your granite top to be as level as possible. Installing countertops on an unlevel surface can cause crevices between different sections. This can lead to water seeping in, which can cause multiple problems, such as mold growth or the harboring of germs. It also puts stress on the cabinets because the weight of the counter not being distributed evenly. All that aside, uneven counters just don’t function very well or look very good. Having an even surface is important for both practical and aesthetic reasons. Not to worry, this issue is easily resolved.

One common solution is to use plywood shims on the tops of the uneven cabinets. This should alleviate any leveling problems and any good countertop installer should know how to do this if it’s necessary. If you don’t want to see the shims, you can use trim between the counter and the cabinets. For style reasons, trim is already commonly used when installing countertops to give the kitchen a more finished look. If you’re planning on re-staining or painting the cabinets, then the trim will look natural and won’t be much extra work anyway. Even if you don’t use trim, shims are usually only obvious if you’re looking at the connection between the counter and cabinets from below.

These steps are actually true for other types of countertops, as well. But it’s especially important in the case of granite due to the weight of the slabs. Over time you can end up with seams between the different sections of the counter. Also, some parts can put extra pressure on the joints that hold the counter onto the cabinets. This will cause more damage to the cabinets than the counter. Either way, these problems are fixable. But as you now know, these problems can be mostly preventable in the very beginning when they are installed. Well-built joints and/or shims, as well as solid cabinetry, should allow you to have a perfectly level granite countertop that you can enjoy for years to come.

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Hiring an experienced contractor from the start can help ensure this is done properly. This is true in all countertop installation scenarios. However, experience is especially important when working with uneven surfaces. Be sure to discuss the situation with your contractor right away so that everyone is on the same page. This also helps ensure you’ve hired the right professional.

Why Renovating Without a Budget is Bad

If you’re getting ready to do a home renovation, don’t just haphazardly start making purchases. Hire a contractor and figure out a budget together to make it worth your while. There are many reasons why renovating without a budget is bad for you, as well as your home. Here are some of the main things to consider. Read more

Five Things to Consider Before Remodeling your Columbus Kitchen


Remodeling the kitchen can give the home a fresh new feel and gives the owners a chance to entertain friends and family in a modern and comfortable space. Remodeling a kitchen is a “project”, but gathering some initial information and following a proven process will make the project be smooth and successful.

While a great Design/Build Contractor may have their own internal process for Planning, Designing, and Building a Kitchen, the Homeowner also has some internal housekeeping to consider. Here are five things that should be done before calling your Columbus Design/Build Kitchen Contractor:

Get everyone involved.

Consult with your significant other regarding changes that you may like to make. Consulting with a spouse can make the remodeling process less stressful and it gives a fair chance of feedback. The couple should agree on a price to avoid spending too much money on the project.

Select a “main point of contact”.

One person should be in charge of all communication with your Design Build Contractor. This makes flow of information more reliable. Establish a single phone number and email at which your Contractor will communicate with. Establish backup persons in case of an emergency.

Establish a Comfortable Budget

Determining a budget can decrease the chances of overspending. It’s very important to meet the requirements of your dream and your spending limit. Do not choose to remodel something that’s not required over something that needs attention immediately. Prioritizing can help reduce stress and spending. Before you enter a design arrangement, relay your budget in order to avoid “over designing” your dream and being disappointed. Your contractor should be able to give you facts and figures using the “Cost Versus Value Report”, a Nationally recognized resource for establish base project budgets.

Discuss Budget with your Design Build Contractor

If you feel your contractor is not trustworthy to share your budget with, it’s time to find a new contractor. You need to have an open and honest business relationship if you’re going to make it through the project happily. Selecting a trustworthy contractor is important when allowing them into your home. Selecting a company that screens all employees essential.  While selecting a trustworthy contractor it’s very important to be detailed about your expectations. A contractor who can agree on the negotiated price, project and time frame is the one to select.

Select a time that’s best for the remodeling process to begin

A typical kitchen project can take anywhere from 8-12 weeks. This time could be longer if you are involving other projects in the home. Timing is everything especially when it comes to important projects. The best time to begin a remodeling process is when the space is unoccupied. Using the space while under construction can cause interruption and possibly accidents. Do you have pets, kids, or grumpy neighbors? Think about these things and relay them to your contractor before your project is scheduled.


Take these 5 points into consideration,  share them with your contractor, and you will be on your way to beginning the Design / Build process of building your dream kitchen!