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Ideas for Basement Rooms

Deciding on what to use your basement for can be a fun and exciting process. Room choices can vary significantly, depending on your family and lifestyle choices. Remember to cover all bases when deciding on ideas for your basement rooms. Whether your basement is finished or unfinished, these ideas will get you thinking and should help you in completing the process.

Wet Bar with Dance Hall

This popular basement room option is useful for a variety of lifestyle choices. If you enjoy entertaining friends and dancing the night away, you could benefit from creating this space right in your home. No need to make reservations or get yourself on the lists of exclusive clubs. This area can also work for creating kid-friendly smoothies and other fun drinks. Your child’s birthday party could very easily be a big hit with a space like this.

Efficiency Kitchen or Apartment

hdivd1204-basement-music-room_lgBasement kitchens can be great for parties, events, and more. Whether you simply want to make your guests comfortable, have an extra space for older kids to hang out in, or make an entire space to rent out, an efficiency kitchen or apartment will be of good use. Consider the intended usage of the space to decide whether the kitchen is enough or a whole apartment area would be better.

Playroom or Daycare Area

Kids like to have their own space, and having a basement playroom allows you to keep toys and such out of the main living area. Also, if you run an in-home daycare, the basement is the best place to do it. Because you have the space, you can have the kids’ books downstairs, so they can have their own library and reading area. Combining the reading and play area keeps play choices versatile. Kids with a comfortable space to read and study in are more likely to do so, as it’s readily available. The same is true for adults. Therefore, if you have no kids, you can create a more adult-oriented zone.

Family Game Room

Game rooms are a popular option and what better place to have it than the basement, where space options may be more versatile? Whether your family’s idea of gaming consists of board games, electronic games, computers, table games like pool, or all of the above, choosing to make a game room gives your family a lasting fun space.

Fitness Area

Having a workout or dance area can be beneficial in many ways. No more worrying about gym membership. Just exercise in your own space on your own time. This room can be whatever works for your personal family needs. Some may opt for exercise machines. Yet others may choose yoga mats and balls. Still others might do better with a dance bar and proper flooring for dancing. Some people may even choose to have space for a combination of the above or other fitness room choices. No matter your family’s style, a fitness room can be beneficial to your health and lifestyle.