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Using Built-ins to Maximize Storage Space in Any Space in the Home

If one of your major concerns about your home is lack of storage space, don’t fret. Built-in cabinetry is all you need to get!  Built-in furniture and storage units have become very popular in kitchen and bath design. But built-ins are used throughout the home to maximize square footage by putting some of the storage space into the walls.


Unlike free-standing cabinets and furniture, built-ins are meant to actually look and act like they are actually part of the house. They have both aesthetic and functional benefits. Not only does having built-ins give you more storage, but it can also provide extra seating, as well.


Built-ins can be customized for any room or space in the home.


Most built-ins are custom built, so they can fit any dimensions that you’re looking to fill. These spaces can range from small closets to large family rooms. There are stock options for built-ins available, if you’re looking to save some money in the budget, as well. Also, built-ins can be customized to fit the style and design scheme of your home. There are many paint, finish, trim, and hardware options to make your built-ins not only functional, but also look good. Remember, you want them to look like they belong there with the rest of the home.


Built-ins add more value to your home.


Since they are so versatile and maximize the use of square footage in the home, built-ins add value to your home overall. Homebuyers will always love extra storage, especially when it just looks like a furniture piece. While they are most obvious in living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms, you can’t forget their utility in closets, as well. A master bedroom makeover isn’t complete without finding a way to prevent having to buy more storage bins to stack up! Not having to constantly move bins here and there and make items more accessible is a plus, as well. The future owners of your home, or even your future self, will thank you.


Built-ins fit into any room, but even spaces that aren’t rooms, as well.


You’ve probably seen on home improvement shows where built-ins can be used under staircases and in hallways. Not only are these a great interior design element, but they serve as out-of-the-way storage for items that aren’t used every day. Why clutter up your basement, attic, or hall closets when you can just use your built-in storage?


Another great use of built-ins could be a seating area, especially by a window, or even a mudroom. At the front entrance of your home, you may have always wanted a mudroom to keep wet and/or dirty shoes and clothing out of the main living area. A built-in mudroom unit can do just that, without having to have its own room!


Built-ins are simple in concept, but do require a little bit of work to install. However, if you’re going to be tearing down walls anyway, it’s a great idea to consider them. Be sure to ask your friendly home improvement contractor how you can fit built-ins into multiple spaces and rooms in your home. Your home and your home’s occupants will thank you for the added utility and storage that built-ins provide.