Storage is Everything, But So is Organization

Why do so many of us want to remodel our kitchens and bathrooms? It’s because we need more storage! Remodels aren’t just about updating a space. They’re also about improving the function of a space.The best way to add function to a space is more storage.


Storage is everything these days. There are so many creative storage solutions on the market today. They all exist for a good reason. We all have a lot of stuff and we need places to not only put it, but keep it organized, as well.


Organization is Everything


So perhaps, storage shouldn’t be everything. Organization should be everything. You may have heard the old saying: “A place for everything, and everything in its place.” That’s exactly what you should be thinking about when planning for your next remodel.


A Kitchen Must Have Organization


You can have walls full of cabinets, but no organization. For example, many kitchen remodels use the existing cabinets, while making better use of them by rearranging them or outfitting them with storage solutions inside of them. These could include slide-out drawers or special trays. Having an organizational plan is very important, especially in the kitchen.


Don’t Forget Organization in the Bathroom


While bathrooms are typically not as organized as kitchens, it’s still good to have an organizational plan. Easily accessible and thought-out organization for linens, toiletries, and other bathroom essentials is important. It’s important to have a bathroom that helps you in your routines, not hinder them. Properly planned, even a small half bath can store pretty much anything you need at a moment’s notice.


Organization Beyond the Kitchen and Bath


Great organization and storage aren’t just limited to the kitchen and bath, however. Home offices need to be planned out well in order for supplies to be easily accessible. Family rooms can be much cleaner and functional with the right storage and organization options.


Beyond the kitchen and bathrooms, though, the most important place for good storage and organization is in bedrooms. Closet space is at a premium in many homes. So,  finding ways to get the most out of your bedroom spaces is a must. Everyone wants enough room for their clothes and personal items so that they aren’t stacked up or scattered everywhere.


Storage is important, but organization is everything. Make the most of your home by increasing the storage space and organization in your home.  Ask your friendly neighborhood remodeling firm for advice on how to do just that!