Central Ohio Receives 3 Million in Funding for Affordable Housing Projects

Ohio Governor John Kasich made affordable housing in his state a priority long before his presidential bid. He is taking new measures to follow through on this promise. The Ohio Housing Finance Agency recently announced that it will be providing $3 million in funding to affordable housing programs in the central part of the state. This initiative will be helpful for Columbus and other communities with limited housing for low income citizens.

Ohio Residents Applaud New Affordable Housing Projects

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Many residents feel that the new programs to build more affordable housing units are long overdue. Katelin Hansen, a Columbus resident, told reporters that the housing around her has been falling into disarray over the last few years.

“You can picture this neighborhood when it was first made in the 1920’s and envision all the hopes and dreams that were made here,” Hansen told WBNS-10TV in October.

Fifteen organizations including the Community Development for all People have partnered to create new housing units. However, the nonprofits are depending on the state for funding to create sustainable solutions. Hansen and other residents will be pleased to hear that the state is finally listening to their requests and exploring long-term solutions to the crisis.

The organization has been working diligently to expand on efforts to bolster affordable housing. They have provided 12.3 million in funding to affordable housing projects throughout Ohio. Since central Ohio it’s pretty densely populated and has a shortage of affordable housing, it has received a large share of the funds.

The vast majority of all funds will be provided to the housing development loan program. You’ll be used to fund to meet your projects, including the construction of nearly 60 family housing units in Columbus. Career gateway homes will receive $1.5 million in funding to oversee the project.