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DIY Versus Hiring a Professional Columbus Area Remodeler

At the end of the day, how long a remodel will take depends on the manpower and design expertise of those undertaking the project. While it may seem exciting to undertake a minor household repair and make choices on the fly, there are definitely times to consider turning the project over to a reputable Ohio design build company.


Local and State Building Codes

Many remodeling projects to your home require permitting from local municipalities. This process was created to keep homeowners safe from performing dangerous modifications to their home. Failure to comply with your local building department could result in fines. Homeowners performing their own structural, plumbing, or electrical work may also bring their homeowners insurance out of compliance. If the work results in a plumbing disaster or a fire, the homeowner may not be covered by their insurance company to help resolve the damages.


Proper Planning is Key

It may seem like choosing a design-build firm will end up limiting your freedom of design choices. However, keep in mind that the design build team will always keep your budget in mind, as well as the various limitations of your space. Making sure a remodel goes smoothly involves proper, in-depth planning that a design build firm will make sure that you have. If you jump into a project with just ideas, you may end up changing your mind and having to spend extra money to re-do parts that have already been partially completed. That not only wastes money, but plenty of time, as well.


With almost any project, there are bound to be some changes made during the building process. This is completely normal to want to change things while you’re at it. Using a design-build firm actually makes change orders much easier, and since it’s drawn out in the scope of work when certain products are to arrive and certain work is to be done, it’s more clear when certain changes can still be made without much hassle. If you’re doing it on the fly, the project can stall for days, weeks, or even months because of seemingly simple changes, especially when new product is involved.


Staying On Time and On Budget

Remodeling can be an exciting adventure. Why let budget get in your way? Well, unfortunately budget is a very real thing. If not properly planned around can lead to projects being stalled indefinitely. Also, some parts of a project can take longer than you might expect. By working with a design build firm, you can prevent some project delays by not having to wait on trades such as electrical and plumbing. Especially with one-stop shop companies that have some or all of the trades working directly for them, you can get the services you need more reliably without having to put the entire project on hold while the electrician or plumber clears their calendars.


The problem with remodeling on the fly is that you’re really at the whim of not only contractor and tradespeople schedules, but your own as well. With a design build company, you’ll have a project manager all the way through. If you’re going on the fly, sure, you may have a project manager. But if the project hits a snag, you may end up having to switch contractors and involve a brand new project manager to bring up to speed. This costs everyone involved time and money. So it might be an adventure, but it’s not going to be a fun one.


Getting Dedication All the Way Through

If you’re undertaking any sort of major project, it’s best to involve a dedicated design build firm who will offer a full scope of work. This way, you have some guarantee when things will be completed and when. You’ll also have a good idea of where the budget will stand and when certain aspects of the project will be worked on, allowing you to plan accordingly. Because of how complicated remodeling projects can become, having guidance and assistance is extremely important. Don’t feel bad hiring a design build firm. Feel good that you’ve saved yourself so much frustration, time, and money.


Overall Quality

Each phase of the remodel requires foresight and planning in order to make the finished product look complete. Your Ohio Design Build Company will have experience in both design and quality craftsmanship. Knowing what will work, and what “just won’t look right” is a huge factor in how your remodel comes out. There is nothing worse than completing an expensive remodel and you are unhappy with the quality and finish of the end product. Consider all of these factors before you consider your next DIY project.