We stepped into this project after it was 30% complete by another contractor and the homeowner realized that the other contractor was making a mess of the project and had gotten in over their heads.

Existing situation was this:  The tub was installed 1.5” out of level, fiberglass shoved tightly into walls, drywall applied (no vapor barrier), and the contractor had cut out 2 floor joists to run plumbing which caused the floor to sag.

EXISTING PROBLEM:  Our Client told me that the biggest problem was that this room was the coldest room in the house and wanted to address this.


  1. Had a structural Engineer Okay the Joist Situation after we Repaired
  2. Leveled the floor of the bathroom – really badly out of level
  3. Removed Tub
  4. Tore open all drywall and insulation
  5. We installed Spray-Foam insulation in both the outside walls of the bathroom +
  6. Re-installed Tub
  7. New plumbing fixtures in tub and vanity area
  8. Vanity & Marble Sink
  9. Tile Floors and Shower
  10. Tile Wainscoting
  11. New Bathroom Entry Door
  12. Panasonic Exhaust Fan
  13. Mirror
  14. Lighting
  15. Accessories
  16. Toto Toilet
  17. Prime and Paint
  18. Glass on window: from Franklin Art Glass Studios in Columbus

+Our Client let us know several weeks after we finished that this bathroom is now the warmest room in the house – and was very excited about this.