The Importance of Attention to Detail in Kitchen Remodels

Every remodel requires close attention to detail. But with kitchens being one of the most important remodels when it comes to any home, there are more details to consider than in any other room in the home. The job of a good design-build contractor is to sort out what concepts realistically work for your home. This all needs to be done while remaining well within your remodeling budget. The importance of attention to detail in kitchen remodels is paramount to having a successful project.

Part of this is due to the absolute overload of kitchen designs available to the general public in the form of TV design shows, home design magazines, and online home design resources. HGTV points out 5 trends in particular when it comes to what homeowners are looking for in their kitchen remodels. We’ll take a look at how these trends affect how many details have to go into a typical kitchen remodel today.


Many homeowners are looking for larger kitchens, which means more details fitting the homeowner’s personalities and habits. While it would seem like there wouldn’t be enough space to include all of these things in a smaller home, it is possible to do a lot with an open-concept design. Traditional dining rooms, living rooms, and dens are often combined into one big space by knocking down walls. This makes the square footage of even smaller homes become more functional.


Also, many homeowners consider their kitchens to be gathering areas and meant to be a primary place to entertain guests. Open-concept designs also work well for this purpose. Using clever slide-outs and custom cabinetry, small appliances and flat-screen TVs can be hidden away until they need to be used. Prep areas can be included in pull-out cabinet spaces to allow more room for people when meals aren’t actively being prepared. This makes for more space for friends and family to gather.


Another major trend is people wanting more complicated and multi-functional appliances. The primary issue with this is making sure they actually fit into the existing kitchen. One major obstacle is refrigerators. Homeowners want larger fridges in order to be able to more effectively store more food at a time. So, it’s important to see if these larger units will actually be able to open when the kitchen is finished and it’s time to install the appliances.


Dimensions really matter when it comes to kitchen design. What appliances will be used is more important to consider than ever before the construction ever starts. Make sure that before the cabinets are installed that you are one hundred percent certain about the make and model of appliances that will be used in the kitchen.


Specialty appliances, such as certain coffee machines, actually utilize special water lines. These have to be planned for in the design, as well. More electrical outlets are needed than ever before, as well, due to the desire for so many small appliances. You also have to consider proper ventilation for high-end cooktops, as well. Planning the installation for even small appliances is now more important than ever. Having a design-build team that’s in sync with what you’re looking to put into your kitchen is the best way to ensure that your kitchen works perfectly with your plans.


And, of course, many homeowners want to have touches that make their own kitchen unique. This is particularly the case with unusual countertop choices.  There are more products and materials for the kitchen being released today that even top-notch designers have to spend considerable time keeping up with them. This is why a home design professional is so important for a homeowner to have, someone who will help them consider unique options that you would never think of on your own.


At the end of the day, you want your kitchen to be a stand-out room in your home. Make sure every detail is accounted for, because with the vast amount of options that can be put into your kitchen today, they are more important than ever.