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How will your existing kitchen stand up to the Holidays?

Ah, the holidays. Those wonderful days of families, festivities and feasting. A time when we all come together and count our blessings, celebrate our abundance and rejoice in how our families have grown. Such sweet times, and great gatherings.

The gatherings can get a little crowded, however, when your burgeoning family begins to outgrow your humble home. Your kitchen seems to be shrinking. Preparing the feast for that crowd is now one of your biggest challenges. Have you thought about what kitchen remodeling could do for you, and how it could give your holidays new life?

Imagine The Possibilities

Think about your present kitchen, and how it could be turned into a whole new family adventure. Where would you like to begin?


Do you quickly run out of counter space, and end up jockeying for position with that cousin making deviled eggs? How about some big, new countertops, some new bottom cabinets along that other wall, or that workstation island in the middle that you always wanted?


Is there a line forming at your oven, with casseroles and desserts lined up for cooking time? Or endless pans of vegetables waiting for a space on your stovetop? Imagine a new self-cleaning, programmable double-stacked oven, inset into a wall, ready to rack in all those baking dishes with room to spare. Or a new, wider countertop range with extra burners. It only takes a few extra inches of counter space, but it gives you so much more cooking room. What about your fridge – is it ready for the leftovers from two turkeys, a ham and all those sides? Upgrade to a deep, efficient side-by-side with enough cold storage for all of that plus your uncle’s giant bottle of soda.


Do you wonder sometimes who’s getting cooked, you or the food? Your kitchen may be hotter than a sauna, and twice as sticky. Maybe some new ventilation would do the trick. Strategically placed to extract heat from the hottest spots, a few exhaust fans, hoods and circulation units could make you feel fresher and keep your niece’s makeup in place.


There’s nothing as frustrating as trying to work in a dark corner. With better lighting, that crazy aunt might have read the recipe correctly and used a pinch of salt instead of a cup. Save the green beans, and think about how some flexible new lighting would brighten things up all around.

Pantry and Cabinet Space

Be better prepared for the holiday cooking madness with organized storage. Add a cabinet or pantry, and stockpile your necessities. Plan your shopping ahead, and avoid that last-minute rush to the store down the street.

Make It Happen

The holidays are rapidly approaching, so why not make these changes a reality? For kitchen remodelers in Columbus Ohio, contact Scott Hall Remodeling. Our design team can take your ideas from concept to completion, and give you the kitchen remodel of your dreams.