Getting the Right Kitchen Design for You

While we hope that you haven’t run into this in your remodeling journey, many homeowners have said that they have felt pushed towards a specific design.  This could be using certain products, to follow certain recent design trends, or both. This is definitely not the experience that you want to have when remodeling your home, especially when it comes to your kitchen. So how do you get the right kitchen design for you and your needs.

Find a Designer Who Isn’t Limited by Sales Quotas

Do keep in mind that some designers sometimes have quotas to meet for their jobs. So it’s not always the designer’s fault, per se, to be steering you in a direction that doesn’t really fit your plans. However, you really need to have have a designer who actually considers your ideas seriously and works with your guidelines.

Creating a Design with Unique Elements

A great designer will always try to find a design that incorporates some part of the homeowners personalities or that reflects the personality of the home itself. This is especially true with the kitchen, since it is meant to be the focal point of your home’s interior. Finding a quirk in your home’s layout or existing style can inspire a kitchen design that can set yours apart from the ones you see online or in magazines.

Find a Design / Build Team That Will Get the Job Done Right

The main advantage of using a designer that also is associated with a design build team is that the process is seamless. While designers and independent contractors work together all the time, there can be communication breakdowns. When your design team and construction team are under the same roof, you’re far less likely to run into problems. It also means that you’re not going to end up creating a design that you can’t actually build within your home or budget. Right away, the build team will let you know if they can realistically do a certain design feature.

You don’t want to go through the entire design process, then find out you’d have to substantially rebuild your home in other ways to get what you want. While this is fine if you have an unlimited budget, that’s simply not the case for most of us. So, having a build team that works directly with the design team is a huge advantage for you. This way you won’t get carried away with a design that you fall in love with, then doesn’t work out the way that you planned when it goes to be built.

In the end, to get the right kitchen design for you, go with a design build team that understands you and the personality of your home. The product and building experts will be sure to give you a realistic plan and budget, taking away any potential design nightmares and giving you a great kitchen remodeling experience.