5 Reasons to Replace Outdated Kitchen Appliances


Tired of staring at that old dishwasher and trying to cook on that outdated stove from the 80’s? If the stain on your refrigerator door is older than you, it may be time to head to the recycling center. Here are 5 good reasons to replace those outdated kitchen appliances.

Older Appliances Can Be a Safety Hazard

Just because an older kitchen appliance is 4 piece stainless steel kitchen appliance packagefunctional, that doesn’t mean it’s safe. The more use something gets, the more likely it is to have hidden issues. Fire, electrical, and other safety codes change over the years as people gain more education. Newer appliances will be up to code and you can recycle the older ones to help offset the cost. Be sure to remove the doors, harmful bulbs, and the like on items like refrigerators. Then, recycle or dispose of them properly.

Add More Appeal to Your Kitchen

Because appliances take up a good amount of space, they often end up being a focal point in the kitchen. Wouldn’t you much rather have your guests see something shiny, new, and stylish? That’s a much better vision than to look at your banged up dishwasher or a refrigerator that’s missing a handle or drip pan. More people are upgrading to fancier wipe-clean cooktops and leaving behind those old stoves that are a pain to clean.

Make Adding Newer Cabinets and Countertops Easier

If you ever decide to change your countertops or cabinets, it may prove a difficult task when you have older appliances. This is because pre-measured counters and cabinetry will come in sizes that fit newer styles. Sure, you can get them custom-measured and that can be a great option. But once they’re in there, newer appliances will show them off better than something that is outdated in style, function, and condition.

Newer Appliances Have More Features

Have you ever gone into a store in awe of all of the new features available on appliances? Older appliances just can’t compete when it comes to function and even style. There are options for just about every budget, style, and lifestyle. They even come in a large variety of colors to match with every kitchen you could imagine. Having kitchen appliances that actually work how you need them to doesn’t have to be the stuff of dreams. You might be surprised at how affordable it is to create your dream kitchen.

Newer Appliances May Be Healthier

Let’s not forget to factor in health. Older appliances may still be functional. But that doesn’t always mean using them is good for you. Consider chemical or gas leaks you may not see or smell. Carbon monoxide exposure is one dangerous possibility. When it comes to older microwaves, it is advisable by the FDA to avoid using one with a door that closes improperly, is dented, or is damaged or cracked in other ways. The older a microwave oven is, the more likely it is that risky damage has occurred and it may be leaking dangerous microwaves that could be harmful to your health.