5 Kitchen Design Trends for 2017 Worth Checking Out

Our team is always watching the latest kitchen and bath design trends. Today, we will look at a few interesting kitchen design trends on 2017 that may influence your future plans for a remodel. While some design trends come and go, these are ones that we think are worth considering.


Incorporating the Industrial Look in Kitchens


The industrial kitchen design trend has been around for awhile. It involves incorporating features you’d find in a factory such as exposed pipes, exposed brick, rustic metals and furnished with minimalist furniture. These kitchens also incorporate wood, stone and concrete engineered with advanced techniques to create a sleek, functional kitchen. If any of these materials interest you, it’s worth seeing what industrial motifs might work in your kitchen.


Clutter-Free Countertops


In the past, many things have been stored on counters. But in recent years, there has been a trend towards keeping counters clear of clutter for more usable work space. This involves having more specialized storage in cabinets, whether they be pull-out trays, specialty racks, or customized shelving. This focus on organization is especially useful in smaller kitchens in order to make them feel and function like larger spaces. Whether your kitchen space is small or not, however, we believe that creative storage solutions are a must in any kitchen.


Increasing Popularity of Monochrome Color Schemes in the Kitchen


White kitchens, as well as white and black kitchens have been popular for a long time. But more recently, there’s been a greater demand for gray surfaces in kitchens. Implementing various shades of gray in a kitchen’s color scheme can add visual interest that a purely white or black and white color scheme won’t offer.


A Push Towards Copper Tones


As gray and earthy tones in kitchens grow in popularity, so do copper accents, especially with cabinet knobs and pulls. In the UK, there are even copper-colored appliances to choose from, something we haven’t seen much of yet in the US. This is a trend that will likely work its way overseas and is one to watch when considering kitchen finishes.


The Kitchen as an Extension of the Living Space


As many homes turn to open concept layouts, kitchens now are often designed to feel more like living areas. This means making the style of the kitchen fit in with the rest of the living area. Whereas kitchens used to be separate and uniquely designed spaces, now they have to flow with the rest of the dining area and living area. Colors, lighting, and even furniture work their way into the kitchen from the rest of the home. This makes the home feel more cohesive and the kitchen is just an extension of an open concept design.