10 Key Components to Think About When Planning Your Kitchen Design

There is a reason why the kitchen area is referred to as the heart of any home: it’s the place where you and your loved ones gather together for cooking, eating, socializing, and, occasionally, catching up for a snack or cup of tea. In most homes, the kitchen area has turned into a multi-purpose room, which has an eating table, a computer table, entertainment area, and even a fireplace.

These are 10 basic things to think about when planning your kitchen design.


Style and Design

The style of your kitchen might be vintage or contemporary, informal or official, high – tech or just homey- whatever displays your personal preferences. Because the cupboards, counter tops, and home devices comprise the basic components of any kitchen area, you’ll want to determine what your overall design will be before selecting them.


Kitchen layout studies from the 50s of the previous century introduced a term, known as a “work triangle”, whose legs connect the fridge, the sink and the range, or the cooktop. A well-planned work triangle considerably lessens the steps cooks must take throughout dinner preparation and, if possible, delivers the comfort of not being interrupted by the traffic flow. Today, this work triangle layout is being questioned by other alternatives; nevertheless, it still presents a useful starting point for a decent design.


Your first challenges are deciding whether to keep the current cupboards, probably refurnish, reface them, or probably change them. If you change them, you’ll need to determine if you would like “fitted” or “unfitted” cupboards.

Counter tops

Countertops are the “workhorses” of any kitchen and should withstand a lot of wear and tear. Under the surface’s aesthetic appeal, you would like to consider its physical features. You want a counter top, which is water resistant, simple to maintain and hard-wearing.


Backsplashes are yet another thing to consider. The usual backsplash is a basic curb, several inches high and is either partly connected with the counter top or different strips of furnishings. A more typical backsplash extends between the counter top and the bottom of the top cupboards and the windows.

Kitchen devices and Appliances

These in general consist of a fridge, a stove, and a dishwasher; in addition to them, you might also want to check the cooktops, combined stoves, wine cooling devices, streamers, warming doors, deep-fryers, and many others. The most important thing is to determine exactly what appliances you need.

The Floor

Every kitchen should have a floor which is elegant and stylish. But besides being elegant and attractive, a kitchen floor has to be cozy underfoot, slip-resistant, watertight, easy to clean, and difficult to scratch or damage. Luckily, many options are available to fulfill these needs and match your preferred design.


A kitchen area might be practical and good looking. Yet, if it has poor lights, it will be a distressing and exhausting place even for quick cooking. You need a shadow-less lighting for the whole room, in addition to bright light for particular tasks. In-built uplights over the cupboards can give you the much needed background light; lights under the cupboards deliver the lighting for regular cooking tasks.

Display and Storage

The cupboard is the “standby kitchen storage space”, but other options are available as well. Hutches and armoire are coming back in modern design, as are islands, racks, carts, and shelves. Food cupboards are coming back too. Pantries, be it walk-in rooms, a wall cupboard or a closet, are perfect for processed and canned goods, paper products and smaller home appliances.

Finishing Details

Once you define the main components of your kitchen design, it is time to think about the finishing details. These consist of window designs, walls, seating, and decorative highlights. The windows of a kitchen should match up the design of the area, regardless of whether they’re multi -paned old-fashioned windows or single-paned modern designs. In any cases, it is recommended to always look for energy-efficient windows.