Warm Spaces by Design – Our Partnered Bathroom Design Specialist

Scott Hall Remodeling would like to offer a special thanks to Ali Souder, owner of Warm Spaces by Design, for her partnership with us in assisting our clients with their bathroom remodeling design choices. Ali has worked with us on numerous projects this summer.  The feedback we have received has been outstanding.  Ali can assist with something as simple as choosing the paint color for the bathroom or as extensive as picking out all the finishes and styles throughout the entire space.


Ali Souder

The benefit of working with a Color & Design Consultant is that it helps you eliminate all doubts and any questions you may have in personalizing your home.  You may have the idea of what you want but are unable to put what you see in your mind to action. 

My consultations and designs are for the purpose of beyond what “looks pretty”.  On top of creating the space you desire, I understand the applied science of how colors affect emotions and daily well-being.  Colors should be used in certain combinations to achieve a desired state.  Additionally, the tone of a color will make all the difference to the end result.

To achieve “the pretty”, I will work with you using certain methods to create the perfect warm, cozy feeling that your home is, or should be.  This is the whole idea of “Warm Spaces.”  I want you be able to take a deep breath after a long day once you enter your house.  If you are there all day working from home (and yes that 100% includes stay-at-home parents), you should enjoy the space you surround yourself with on a daily basis.  It should be a place you want to be.

The impact of color never ceases to amaze me.  It is such a powerful tool in transforming a space and conveys an amazing energy that sets the tone each day.  Color can come through on the walls, furniture, pillows, candles, throws, rugs, and on and on.  Whether you need one or all objects to make a room come together, when it is finally complete you will be able to walk in the door and say, “Ahh, I’m home.”