Top Reasons to Remove Basement Carpeting

Carpeting can come in handy in virtually any area of the house, including the basement. But there are also times when you should consider removing it. There are so many different flooring options out there to think about. Here are the top reasons to remove carpeting in the basement.


Lower level basement in earth tones and marble fireplace

For some with allergies, removing the carpeting may be the best option. This can be especially true in the basement area. Carpets can often collect allergens that you can’t see, along with those you can, such as pet hair. If anyone in your family has allergies, this may be a good reason to remove the carpets in your basement. This is especially true if that person spends a good amount of time in the basement.


The basement can be an area that is susceptible to more moisture than the rest of the house. While this isn’t always the case, it’s something to look into. Have your contractor check to see if this applies to your basement. If so, you may want to consider having that contractor remove the carpeting in your basement and install some flooring that works better for your home, as well as your lifestyle. Excess moisture can cause water damage and mold buildup in carpets and you may not readily see it on the surface.

Upgrading for Renters or Yourself

If you’re considering using the basement as an extra living space, perhaps it’s time for a clean looking upgrade. Perhaps you’d like to rent it out or use it as an in-law suite. You might be surprised at how much difference removing an old carpet can make. Brand new flooring that’s easy to clean can be attractive to potential renters and is also a nice touch for family and other guests.

Outdated Style

Speaking of adding nice touches, oftentimes the style of the basement carpet may predate the house or your style tastes. Removing the carpet can be a major player in upgrading the entire look. This may be even more true if your basement is an older one with the original carpeting. There have been many changes to carpeting over the years in both quality and style. Whether you plan to replace it with new carpet, hardwoods, tile, or something else, you’ll quickly find it changes everything just to remove that one thing.

Highlight Original Flooring

Do you know what’s underneath the carpeting in your basement? Take a look and you might be surprised. If you have some great hardwood or tile under there, that’s an even better reason to remove that carpeting. Highlight the original flooring by having a professional carefully remove the carpeting. A professional contractor will know how to do this with minimal to no damage to the original flooring underneath. Removing it the wrong way may cause scrapes and cracks that call for replacement of various areas. Some knicks may happen in the process, but a professional will understand the best way to do it with the least number of issues.