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The Importance of Design before Building

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Why is it that we bother with a design stage?

This step is the one we have found that is most missing from many remodeling projects.  We have discovered over the years that a successful remodeling project is best accomplished with a thorough plan at the outset.  This means identifying very clearly a specific project scope.  This involves creative engagement on our part. This is where we use our many years of Bathroom Remodeling Experience and apply it to your project.  This takes time and effort to accomplish.  As we have worked with our clients over the years, we have rescued many projects that clients started with other contractors that had gone sour, or simply that things were not turning out the way the clients had envisioned.

We found some common links to the source of these problems.  The idea of “Free Estimates” for a Remodeling Project is a good idea from the standpoint of trying to determine a general cost range. One goal of our initial consultation is meant to provide exactly this – a general cost range or estimate of the Project you would like to accomplish.  The problem is that often times contractors are using a “free estimate” to enter into an agreement to engage in work together.  While this works out okay for things like roofing, siding, painting, and other such projects, when it comes to remodeling projects, it falls short and more often than not tends to create real problems. This is why we favor an approach of setting a target cost and designing according to your budget.  This is the most likely approach that is going to keep your project WITHIN BUDGET – because all the parameters are being worked out ahead of time.

Jerrald Hayes, a friend and business associate of mine, has written a excellent article about the importance of The Design Process —>  Design/Build – What does it mean?… an Overview