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Powell, Ohio Bathroom Remodel: Rescuing a bathroom from another Contractor’s poor work

This is a recent remodeling project in Powell, Ohio.  The unique situation of this Bathroom Remodeling Project is that Our Client had recently hired another contractor to completely remodel this bathroom.  After that contractor had completed the work, our Client was utterly distraught over the extremely poor quality of work.  When we showed up to look at the work that had just been completed, we realized that the only way to fix the bathroom was to completely tear apart the bathroom and start over from scratch.  We felt horrible for this young couple as they had just invested quite a lot of money and received a product that was way below a professional quality of work.

Over the last 5 to 6 years, we have encountered this situation quite a few times, people thinking they were going to get one thing and then winding up with something altogether different.  We highly recommend to everyone that no matter who you hire, to work with a Contractor that has a strong reputation in the specific type of work that you are looking to have completed.  It will end up saving you a LOT of money.  In all the cases in which we have had to tear out another Contractor’s work, we have never heard of anyone getting their money returned to them from the Previous Contractor.

Below is a small audio file of the verbal feedback out client offered us because they were so delighted with their experience with us —>

Client Audio (Click to listen to our Client’s Experience)

The Completed Project by Scott Hall Remodeling—->

SHR Completed project

Scott Hall Remodeling Completed Project


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Previous Contractor’s work