Onyx Collection Solid Surface – Great Bathroom Solution

If you’ve never heard of The Onyx Collection, it is a fantastic solid surface bathroom product.  I have been working with the Onyx Collection for many years now.   I would like to speak to both the quality of their product and the quality of the company.  In terms of quality, this product is extremely durable.  It is the only solid surface product that I know of that carries a Lifetime Guarantee (with no strings attached). There are a huge number of colors available (over 60), and several finish options.

As far as Customer Service, I have never encountered a company the size of The Onyx Collection that is so good to deal with- each time I call there (several times per week) it feels like I am interacting with a local small business.  They are located in Belvue, Kansas and have been getting more and more attention the last several years as they are establishing a larger and growing market for themselves in the United States by offering this combination of quality and service.

The beauty of this product is that is allows for a nearly zero maintanence solution in the bathroom.  It is totally 100% waterproof.  And because The Onyx Collection has matching silicone for each of their over 60 colors available, it ends up looking like a totally seamless, very elegant solution for the bathroom.