Master Bathroom, Granville, Ohio Nearing Completion

We are currently working toward completion of a project in Granville, Ohio.  This was a total renovation of a completely outdated master bathroom.  The new bathroom will feature:

* Gorgeous stone tiled shower

* Freestanding tub overlooking the woods

* HansGrohe Fixtures throughout

* Custom Cabinetry

* Custom on-site built Wood Wainscoting throughout the bathroom

* Custom Woodwork around the windows

* Custom Stand-alone Linen Furniture Piece

* Heated tile floors

* Custom built walk-in Closet

Attached IN-PROCESS pictures (the project is not complete yet, just taken with an iPhone on site)….

tub area



IMG_2728 IMG_2729

IMG_2708 IMG_2712 IMG_2713 IMG_2714 IMG_2717 IMG_2725