De-Clutter Your Worthington, OH Home With a Basement Remodel


In Central Ohio towns like Worthington, Upper Arlington, and Bexley, finished basements are one of the best ways to make your home stand out. Your ordinary basement remodel may not be visible from the outside. However, visitors to your home will be surprised to see just how expansive your living space is with a new finished basement. But your new basement space may cause those visitors to also ask you an interesting question: where does all your extra stuff go if you don’t throw it in the basement?

For those homes that don’t have easily accessible attics, so many basements end up being where people collect what they don’t use anymore. The last thing you want in your home is a place where you automatically collect clutter. With all of the stuff we accumulate throughout our daily lives, the basement has typically been relegated to long-term storage. However, this storage is often not well-organized, extremely hard to access, or both. But now, if you finish the space, you’ll be forced to organize all of that stuff and create a much better living environment without all the clutter.

Depending on your home’s size, the basement can take on a wide variety of uses. From a game room, to extra living room, to home office, there are so many options you can choose from. If you have a large enough basement, you can mix and match many options for a mixed-use space. The most important thing about finishing a basement is that it will force you to organize your home in new ways. You’ll have to find a place for anything and everything to go. Sure, you can relegate a considerable percentage of your new finished basement to storage. But still, you will be forced to make some decisions about where to put things that you otherwise would not have to make.

With all of the additions and major remodels that you can do in your Central Ohio home, transforming your unfinished basement is perhaps the most attractive way to add value to your home. But a brand new organized and designed living space not only adds dollars to your home’s overall market value. It also provides many valuable assets to your family and friends far beyond any financial benefits, and that includes de-cluttering your home and keeping your life in order. Make your Columbus Metro home stand out and be the best that it can be.


Photo credit: Flickr user Kyle Murphy, Creative Commons