Current Bathroom Trends

When you’re renovating your bathroom, you want to make design decisions that will stand up over time, but also ones that enhance the functionality of the room. Here are some of the bathroom trends popular in 2019, all of which evoke a sense of modernity and will last for years to come. This year’s theme: simple and warm.


Modern bathrooms are taking the “open concept” to a whole new level. Instead of hiding everything behind doors and in big, clunky cabinets, the new trend is full exposure. The advent of compact storage is allowing homeowners to reclaim more space during a remodel, and they’re taking advantage of it with big, freestanding bathtubs and open showers.

Years ago, Jacuzzi tubs were everywhere, followed by a trend of removing tubs altogether. But the freestanding tub is back, especially large soaking tubs. Some make it the centerpiece of the bathroom with little additional décor. And why not? Another popular trend in 2019 is exposed plumbing, which brings a bit of an industrial feel. A large tub with gorgeous hardware and piping hearkens back to a different time, giving the bathroom a simple elegance.

Open showers (also known as zero-threshold showers, one-level showers, and walk-in showers) not only make bathrooms appear bigger, but they also look sleek and, for those concerned about safety, provide a trip-free entrance. You can take the concept of an open shower one step further by creating a wet room, in which the entire bathroom is constructed using waterproof materials. These often include a floor-to-ceiling glass partition between the shower/tub area and the toilet/vanity area to keep down the splash factor.


A neutral base for your bathroom color scheme is always a safe bet, as it never quite goes out of style, and you can make small adjustments (accents of color, new hardware) to keep the space fresh and modern. White is timeless, but the trend of bright white and chrome bathrooms started to feel too cold and sterile. In 2019, we want to bring warmth and coziness back into the bathroom by pairing white with natural wood. Designers are using exciting materials like reclaimed wood, and instead of covering it up with dark, heavy stains, they’re using clear stains to allow the beauty of the wood’s texture to shine through.

If you want to step up your color game but still remain somewhat neutral in tone, consider using a shade of blush in your bathroom. Believe it or not, pinks are rising in popularity. Perhaps the iPhone is to blame, but rose gold is showing up all over the place, quite possibly soon in a bathroom near you.


Tile choice is critical in a bathroom remodel, because you’re going to be stuck with it for a long time. Subway tiles seem to be everywhere, but rectangular white tiles are boring, predictable, and cold. It’s time to bring warmth and visual interest back into the bathroom.

Move over rectangles—there are new shapes in town. In particular, designers are mad about hexagonal tiles (shown below). You can create unique patterns by varying the colors, and it adds whimsy to the room without overwhelming the space. Textured tiles add another dimension to tile design. Depending on the material used, the texture can be very subtle or quite striking. Mixing shapes and textures adds depth to your bathroom’s design.

Something as simple as choosing a different tile alignment can totally change the look of your bathroom. For example, instead of staggering the tiles so they’re offset from one another, try stacked tiles. Or instead of laying the tiles horizontally, try aligning them vertically—it may make your bathroom look taller. And if you still love the look of subway tiles, try adding a little flair, such as a decorate band of colored tiles to break up the white, or a different texture. 

Statement Mirrors

Bathroom mirrors serve multiple purposes—they can help us see what we’re doing, they can expand the feel of a small space, and they can make an artistic statement. (And if they include smart features, they can do a heck of a lot more, like allow you to read your email or check the weather forecast while you shave.) The mirror shown below has built-in lighting that can be changed with the tap of a finger.

Large round mirrors were on trend in years past, but they’re being replaced by some new ideas. Rectangular mirrors with rounded corners offer a happy medium between blunt rectangles and large circles. Irregularly-shaped or ornate mirrors can add visual interest to the space without taking away from the mirror’s functionality. Another design trend popular in 2019 is statement art, but not everyone has room for artwork in their bathrooms. In those cases, a decorative mirror is a wonderful alternative.

A Professional Touch

If you’re interested in remodeling your bathroom, contact us at Scott Hall Remodeling for a consultation. We can help you select the materials, colors, and fixtures that will enhance the functionality, beauty, and comfort of one of the most important but least discussed rooms in your house.