Completely Frameless Glass

We are able to provide a COMPLETELY 100% FRAMELESS GLASS  install in our Bathroom Remodels throughout Columbus Ohio and the surrounding communities.  What is commonly referred to as “FRAMELESS GLASS” in many cases not 100% frameless but is only mostly Frameless.  In most Frameless Glass Installations there is a metal U-Channel on the walls and on the bottom of the glass where the Glass touches and attaches to the tile or Surfacing Product.  It is rare to see a Bathroom Shower Glass Enclosure without this metal U-Channel.   The reason for this is that it takes a very high level of skill to accomplish.  It is truly an art and takes a much longer time for someone to learn this craft.

Below are some photos showing the Completely Frameless Glass (without the metal U-Channel). Installation can be done on both Tiled Bathroom Showers as well as on Onyx Collection Solid Surface Showers.


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What are the Benefits of Completely Frameless Glass?

1. It gives the Shower an incredible WOW factor in terms of the look – it is really something how taking away the U-Channel really improves the overall look.

2. Another Benefit of Completely Frameless Glass is that it eliminates a weak link in the chain in Shower Glass Enclosures:  The one part of a shower glass enclosure that tends to “wear out” is the “metal”.  The Metal U-channel will develop mineral build-ups.  As this happens it is virtually impossible to ever make it look new again without totally replacing the glass. Eliminating the metal channel eliminates this problem.

If you do need to try to remove mineral deposits, there are some methods that can help, but in many cases the deposits have chemically destroyed the metal. Here is a link to an article for information on Removing Mineral Deposits from Household Surfaces.