Choosing the Right Colors for Your Kitchen

When choosing colors for your kitchen, it’s important to consider several factors. Mood should play an important role in your final decision. Also, pay attention to personal likes and dislikes of all household members, as well as which colors blend easily with appliances and the next room.

Wall Colors

The colors of the kitchen’s walls are perhaps the most important in the room. They set the mood for the entire space. Think about the type of emotions you want to create when people are in your kitchen. If your family is upbeat, try picking exciting colors, like red, which usually inspires people to party and increases appetite. Green is more relaxing, while blue is refreshing. Yellow tones (unless dull) are more bright and uplifting. Purple indicates sophistication and luxury.

Countertops and Large Appliances

Many people prefer to have large appliances that match their countertops, while others may not care as much. If you can’t or choose not to match the colors of these items, choose colors that blend well and be consistent. For instance, if you have green countertops installed, this should be the same material and color throughout the kitchen for all preparation surfaces. Appliances should also match each other as well as possible. Try to choose colors that won’t interfere if you decide to redecorate.


Flooring should focus on neutral colors that will go along with everything in the kitchen. For instance, if you have blue walls and black countertops, you don’t want the flooring to be another color that clashes badly with those colors. This is why many people choose various shades of brown and other darker colors that can go along with most anything. Sometimes, blended patterns of various similar shades (such as in marble tile) can help bring the kitchen colors together. A kitchen with brown countertops and a black accent wall may do well with a brown and black marble tiled floor. Remember that you can hire someone to install flooring, if necessary.

Cabinets and Furniture

Cabinets can be made to match the framing or an accent wall. This helps create the feeling of synchronicity and togetherness. Cabinets need to be painted before installation. If they’re already installed, the doors will need to be removed for painting. A remodeling and painting professional can easily do this for you if you’re uneasy about any part of the process. The same applies to any furniture or floating counter space that will need to match the kitchen, such as a bread box, microwave cart, island, or extra shelving.

Bringing it All Together

It’s important to choose colors that your household is happy with in more ways than one. For instance, if blue is a common agreeable color, it might be a great choice to accent your kitchen wall or countertops with. However, if it doesn’t bring out the mood you’d like to focus on, you might consider something similar, but different, such as green tones. It helps to view paint, countertop, and flooring samples and discuss them with all household members. Think about how the colors will look in your house, as well as how they make everyone feel and how they might match existing features that won’t be moved or repurposed.