What Goes Into a His and Hers Master Bath Design?

When a couple is looking to remodel their master bathroom, there are often differences in opinion with what is most important to put in the new space. The best solution is to create a his and hers master bath that includes elements of what both partners want. Fashion and function can be blended together seamlessly to create the perfect master bath design for you and your spouse.

What goes into making a design for a his and hers master bath work well? One of the most important things is to consider morning routines. You could go with separate walk-in closets and amenities for gender-specific needs. Another option is to have a double sink area with enough space for two people to get ready for the day comfortably. Whatever you decide to do depends on your personal preferences.

Another thing that couples may disagree on is the styles and colors used in the cabinets and countertops. Men typically prefer darker options and women typically prefer lighter schemes. The best approach is to mix and match light and dark colors, as well as find complementary, but significantly different styles. Not only does this allow both him and her something to appreciate in the design, but it makes the room more visually appealing, as well.

One other potential clash in master bath design is one or the other spouse may want a freestanding tub, a big shower stall, or both. Tubs today are considered more of a luxury than a necessity. But it’s not uncommon for master baths to feature both, especially in his and hers baths. If you have the space, having both is a fine compromise that adds considerable value to the project.

Another addition that many couples are putting in their bathrooms is having a separate stall for not only the shower, but also one for the toilet, as well. This gives a little extra privacy in the morning for those that want it. It allows two people to get ready easier without being in one another’s way.

With many homeowners putting as much effort into the master bath as the kitchen, you may end up spending more time in there than you probably should be. Still, building a his and hers master bath means you can actually save time in the morning. So while in the evenings and days off you might be in there a lot, when it counts, you’ll have a much more efficient master bath that you and your spouse can enjoy for years to come.