Planning Your Dream Master Bathroom

Are you dreaming of the perfect master bathroom? Do you imagine it being like your own personal spa, complete with jacuzzi and a steam room? Based on your budget, you may want to temper your expectations. How big a master bathroom do you really need? That’s not to say you can’t have luxury items in your remodeled space. You just need to remain realistic for a number of reasons.


Make sure your electrical system can handle any additions.


You may have already settled on adding some bells and whistles to your new master bathroom. This could include things like in-floor heating. While the heating system itself is likely within your budget, you need to be sure that your electrical in that part of the home can handle the added load.


Especially in some older homes, modern appliances already put a strain on your home’s electrical systems. If you only need minor upgrades for an amenity such as heated flooring, it’s probably worth it. But if the entire house will need to have major electrical work done to add power load, you have to take that into account.


You’ll want a licensed electrician to check your home’s power load before going ahead with your master bathroom remodel just in  case. Even a simple exhaust fan may add just enough lead to trip your current circuit breaker.


Plumbing Considerations


Of course, you’ll have a plumber  involved in your master bath remodel. But there are considerations when it comes to water heaters and your sewer lines or septic system. There may be issues beyond your control when it comes to adding additional devices in your bathroom that require water. Specifically, you need to make sure the drainage systems in and near your home can handle any additional plumbing. If not, water saving faucets and similar devices might do the trick.


Like with the electrical, a pre-flight check is crucial to planning the scope of your master bathroom remodel. You don’t want to run into issues once the actual remodel begins.


Focus on the essentials


Once you know what your home can handle as far as any added utilities, you can begin to see what the best way to use the available space. Sometimes, people will steal space from the master bedroom in order to make the bathroom more spacious. This can be expensive in some cases however do you will want to discuss this option with your contractor on depth.


What it boils down to is that you need to decide exactly what items you need in order for your bathroom remodel to succeed for you. Try not to include something just because it’s cool. Make sure everything has a purpose, since space in most master bathrooms is at a premium.