Advantages of Custom Bathroom Cabinets and Vanities


While there are plenty of stock vanity options available for your bathroom, sometimes your particular space calls for a custom unit. Whether you need something smaller or larger, taller or shorter than the stock cabinets you’re finding, a custom bathroom vanity gives you the freedom to do whatever you wish.

For example, double-sink units and floating vanities are a couple of popular options. While there are stock options, perhaps you need certain dimensions for your space that aren’t easily available. You may also be looking for a specific style of cabinet or a certain type of wood species only available with a custom order. Availability is not an issue when it comes to custom cabinets if you have the budget and time to wait for acquiring more uncommon options.

While custom kitchen cabinets are alwaybexley-sliders a popular topic, it’s important to remember that they can be even more useful in the bathroom. Space in bathrooms tends to be at even more of a premium than your typical kitchen. You can’t make the same compromises with size and function when it comes to cabinetry choices that you could in a kitchen design.

True, many cabinet manufacturers have gone to great lengths in expanding their stock and semi-custom lines with what can be a plethora of options. But sifting through all of the options can still leave you with design space that may go underutilized. Building everything custom ensures no space will be wasted. From the vanities to the wall-mounted cabinets and even the medicine cabinet, custom options maximize function.

The primary consideration with bathroom cabinets is how they will stand up to moisture over the long term. Properly installed stock cabinets can hold up for decades, and semi-custom can last even longer. But stock cabinets are often made of MDF – medium-density fiberboard. Some even use hardwood veneers, especially with semi-custom lines.

While MDF outlasts the cheapest available option – particle board – nothing beats solid plywood or full hardwood construction. Proper sealing on custom cabinets ensures that they can outlive many of their less expensive counterparts. The best wood species to use is solid oak, but birch and maple with proper staining can also be used for long lasting cabinets.

Another solid material for custom bathroom cabinets is rubberwood. It is made from the wood of rubber trees that are at the end of their life cycles, meaning that they are no longer able to produce what is needed for latex. This is an extremely eco-friendly wood species as it’s using material that would otherwise have completely gone to waste. Rubberwood is considered to have 90 percent of the strength of solid oak for considerably less cost. Best of all, it’s also resistant to bacteria, fungus, and mold, which makes it especially useful in the bathroom.

With the bathroom being the room with the highest humidity in the house, it’s extremely important to ensure high quality construction in your cabinets. Lower cost options may be fine in a half bath or powder room. But when it comes to a full bath, keep in mind that the extra money you spend now will pay you back in additional years of use and enjoyment.