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Benefits of Kitchen Organization

Knowing where each of your kitchen items is can work a very long way when cooking or preparing something. You can save a lot of time, but you also skip all those frustrating moments arising out of nowhere. You do not need to picture each thing in your mind, but just have a top notch organization and know categories. Recipes, spices, small and large items will seriously cut back the time you need to waste inside the kitchen. As a general rule, organization is all about efficiency. Learning a few helpful tips can take your kitchen organization to the next level if properly applied.


When changes are welcome

Rotating things randomly is not always the good idea because you will soon forget where they are. You do not have to rotate tools and pans though. Instead, take a peek into your pantry and rotate the respective stuff every once in a while. This way, you can get rid of expired food without letting it rot in there. Furthermore, you can even prevent it from getting there by eating it before it expires. Oftentimes, pantries are filled with all kinds of worthless stuff because people tend to forget about the things in the past. This is a great money saving opportunity for those who truly care about their budget.


Kitchen-pantry-designs-898Avoid stock piling

Stock piling is something everyone goes through every once in a while. It occurs when you simply have no clue how much of this or that you got. Instead of taking any risks, you just choose to get a little extra. Sooner or later, such things lead to a constant waste of money. When everything is properly organized, stock piling becomes history. You know exactly how much of this and that you have. You can also tell when you are about to run low on particular foods, only to prevent unexpected situations. Realizing that you do not have a particular ingredient is the last thing you want while cooking.


How about decluttering?

Decluttering is often needed, yet plenty of people are unable to kiss their beloved items goodbye, even if they never plan to use them. They inevitably assume that sooner or later, they might need them. They might need them tomorrow or perhaps ten years later. If the respective items are also new, chances are they will not even think about getting rid of them. Spatulas, measuring cups and wooden spoons are just a few of these elements.

Decluttering is excellent then. You will be surprised by how Cuisine3-1030x687much room you can save. Worried that you are giving new stuff away? There is nothing to feel concerned about. You will love the extra space. Donate them to a homeless feeding center or perhaps a needy friend and the rewarding feelings add to this activity.

In conclusion, a top notch kitchen organization can become your best friend. It adds to your overall efficiency when cooking, but it also clears the space for plenty of other items, especially if you need to enrich your kitchen with new stuff.


Remodel and Transform your Columbus Ohio Basement


Is your Columbus, Ohio Basement in need of a facelift? If you’re looking to maximize your basement’s potential, try transforming it with a remodel. A good contractor can help you decide how best to use the space for your specific budget and needs. The basement is often part of the home that can contain the most hidden potential. There are many different ways to untap that potential depending on your unique situation.


Add a Kitchen and Bar for Gatherings and Celebrations


Having a kitchen and wet bar in your basement can help make celebrations simpler and more fun. With the kitchen and bar right in the middle of the action, guess and family members can more readily enjoy food and refreshments. This allows the guests, as well as the hosts to have more fun. Kitchen and bar areas can add considerable value to your home as well.


A Multipurpose Entertainment Room May Be Just What You Need


Bringing together your family’s gaming and home theater needs can make for a nice comfortable place to enjoy them. Some may like to have a multipurpose entertainment room in their basement   that includes a home theater, gaming systems, stereo, card and board games, pool, pinball, and other similar items. Imagine an area when your family can relax and enjoy movies just like in a theater. Then, when you’d rather have some noisier fun with games, you can do that as well.


A Family Creative Studio May Be Relaxing and Fun


If your family is creative, another idea is to transform your basement into a creative studio. This might include space for creating art, assembling crafts, dance space, music creation space, and more. Your design contractor can help your family decide how to customize the space according to your particular needs and interests.


Give Extra Space to Your College Student


Do you have an adult children living with you when attending college? Because adult children may need their own space and you may also like yours, transforming your basement into a separate apartment can be a good idea. Consider giving it a separate entrance. This helps create privacy and also can add value to your home. Houses with extra apartment space are in great demand. People can use them as described above or even rent them out for extra income — which you can do once your student moves out.


Create a Home Office and Library


Whether you have a home business, bring work home on occasion, need space to handle family finances, or simply need a spot to study and work on the computer, a home office can come in handy. Transform your entire basement into an office and library the whole family can enjoy. This can also be a great space for homework and school projects. Some may choose to have a central reading and lounging space or combine it with the computer and desk area. Be sure to tell your contractor everything you’d like to do in the basement office to maximize the remodel.

NARI’s Home Improvement Showcase

Scott Hall Remodeling will be featuring one of our projects in the Fall, 2014 Home Improvement Showcase


NARI’s Home Improvement Showcase

Saturday, September 20th, 2014 – 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Sunday, September 21st, 2014 – Noon to 5 p.m.


Tickets available at each tour location (cash) or online by credit card.


$10 full tour / $3 single site