Warm Spaces by Design – Our Partnered Bathroom Design Specialist

Scott Hall Remodeling would like to offer a special thanks to Ali Souder, owner of Warm Spaces by Design, for her partnership with us in assisting our clients with their bathroom remodeling design choices. Ali has worked with us on numerous projects this summer.  The feedback we have received has been outstanding.  Ali can assist with something as simple as choosing the paint color for the bathroom or as extensive as picking out all the finishes and styles throughout the entire space.


Ali Souder

The benefit of working with a Color & Design Consultant is that it helps you eliminate all doubts and any questions you may have in personalizing your home.  You may have the idea of what you want but are unable to put what you see in your mind to action. 

My consultations and designs are for the purpose of beyond what “looks pretty”.  On top of creating the space you desire, I understand the applied science of how colors affect emotions and daily well-being.  Colors should be used in certain combinations to achieve a desired state.  Additionally, the tone of a color will make all the difference to the end result.

To achieve “the pretty”, I will work with you using certain methods to create the perfect warm, cozy feeling that your home is, or should be.  This is the whole idea of “Warm Spaces.”  I want you be able to take a deep breath after a long day once you enter your house.  If you are there all day working from home (and yes that 100% includes stay-at-home parents), you should enjoy the space you surround yourself with on a daily basis.  It should be a place you want to be.

The impact of color never ceases to amaze me.  It is such a powerful tool in transforming a space and conveys an amazing energy that sets the tone each day.  Color can come through on the walls, furniture, pillows, candles, throws, rugs, and on and on.  Whether you need one or all objects to make a room come together, when it is finally complete you will be able to walk in the door and say, “Ahh, I’m home.”

Tia Kellner of Worly Supply- A Special Thanks

Scott Hall Remodeling would like to offer a special thank you to Tia Kellner of Worly Plumbing Supply.  It is very important to us to work with the best people in the industry. Over the last several years, we have greatly appreciated the quality of the relationship we have established with Tia Kellner.  Tia is a Sales Professional  in the Kitchen and Bathroom Showroom at Worly Plumbing Supply located at 400 Greenlawn Ave in Columbus, Ohio.

Tia’s dedication to customer service has been top notch.  On more than one occasion she has assisted us solve a problem as the liaison between us and the manufacturer. It is very refreshing to experience both Tia’s creativity as well as the organized and professional manner in which she has helped us to serve our customers. We truly appreciate her service.

Worly Plumbing Supply has a beautiful showroom offering many products for both bathroom and kitchen remodeling.  They offer the best and most trusted brands in the remodeling industry- Moen, Delta, HansGrohe, American Standard, Toto, Panasonic, and many others.

Thank you once again Tia and the rest of the Worly Plumbing Supply for your great service and business ethics.

— Scott Hall Remodeling —


A Special Thanks To R.D. COOK Custom Cabinets

I would like to offer a special thanks to Dan Cook, owner of R.D. Cook Custom Cabinets.  We have been working with Dan for the past several years.  We originally met him a few years ago on a Clintonville Bathroom Project that we rescued because the original contractor had gotten in over their heads on the project and there were numerous problems.  The homeowners on that project asked me to rip out everything (the other contractor had started) and start from scratch, but that they already had cabinets being built by their Cabinet Maker – Dan Cook.  On that project I was so impressed with Dan.  We actually utilized his services in that very project because we ended up needing some custom made beams to cover over the support beams near the ceiling (as a decorative function) and they turned out GORGEOUS.  It was obvious right away of the level of knowledge about cabinets that Dan possesses.  This turned into a wonderful working relationship with R.D.Cook.  I have been so impressed with Dan’s level of customer service and satisfaction, as well of the superb quality of his fine Cabinetry throughout the past several years.  We try our best to work with local suppliers that embody these kinds of values.  THANKS SO MUCH DAN!

Here is a picture of a vanity and mirrors that Dan built for us on a Project in Grove City…  Visit rdcook.com



Vanity and Mirrors