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New Affordable Housing Projects to Stabilize Columbus Housing Market

The Columbus housing market has been showing signs of stabilization after several years of stagnation. The Columbus Dispatch reports that the southern side of the city is making the strongest rebound after years of deterioration and tepid job growth. However, policymakers have remained concerned about the lack of affordable housing options for many low income residents. They have recently passed several new measures to address the problem, which should commence shortly. Read more

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Basement Remodeling with Low Ceilings

You’ve been looking to finish your basement for a long time, but you’re concerned about the low ceilings in the space. Will this aspect of your home prove to be a detriment to your basement remodeling plans? Fortunately, this is a common issue, and there are many remodeling solutions for basements with low ceilings. Read more

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Building a Custom Home Library

When planning and building a custom home library, there are many things to consider. From sufficient space, to usage, design, comfort, and more, there could be a great deal to think about. This is where an experienced design build contractor will come in handy. In fact, there are many reasons going with the design build process can be the best choice for your personalized in-home library. Read more

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Remodeling Your Kitchen To Cook Great Recipes

Have you ever read some recipes, such as those found in the Life and Entertainment section of the Columbus Dispatch, and thought to yourself, how would I ever cook these in my kitchen? Ever found that cooking holiday meals is more of a nightmare than it really should be? It comes down to having a kitchen with a good workflow and ample counter space to make sure things don’t get cluttered out of control. If you find your kitchen is too cramped or inefficient, there are plenty of ways to improve your space.

Maximize Counter Space with Storage Cart

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Especially in smaller kitchens, counter space is at a premium. If there isn’t sufficient storage, items can tend to find “homes” on the counter, even if they don’t really belong there. One solution is to find a portable cart that can be used while preparing meals or offering extra space for other reasons – sort of like a mini breakfast bar.

Improve Workflow With Design or Arrangement Changes

Sometimes your kitchen layout simply isn’t working. This is one of the more difficult things to change because cabinetry configurations get involved. It can be as simple as simply rearranging your existing units. If you have good, solid cabinets, this is the best option. If your cabinets are already fairly large, you can get organizational systems for your cabinets to make better use of your existing space.

Double Wall Ovens Save Space and Time

Not only are double wall ovens affordable, but they can be major space savers, eliminating the need for a toaster oven or an extra wide appliance. Imagine being able to bake and cook at the same time. Have a complicated meal that requires different temperatures for everything? Double wall ovens can save preparation time in these and other instances. Also, when the double oven is installed in the wall, it leaves more room for extra storage or counter space. The best meals are made when you’re able to cook with ease.

Keep Most Used Items in Plain View and Within Easy Reach

Think of all the items you use most often and make plans with your contractor for the best storage options. For instance, utensils can hang above the stove or be stored in canisters on the counter top. The most used pots and pans can hang in easy reach or be stored within plain view, such as on a rack or stand. Consider removing the doors from some or all cabinets for easier access to everything you need in order to cook.

Use Wall Shelving or Other Easy Access Storage for Larger Items

Floating wall shelves can really free up space on the countertop that may normally be taken up by small appliances. Try placing the toaster, blender, can opener, and small dishes on the floating shelves. These shelves can be aligned throughout the kitchen wall space and customized for your specific usage. Built-ins, suspended ceiling racks, and countertop racks are also great storage solutions that are more convenient for easy cooking.

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Commercial Loan Growth is a Boom for Columbus Housing Market

The Central Ohio economy is finally beginning to show some signs of life. Crain’s Cleveland Business reported that job growth is trailing the rest of the country, but still accelerating from its pace in 2014. The Ohio Department of Taxation has also shown tax receipts have increased, which means that economic activity is starting to pick up as well.Financial-District-Toronto-Canada
New data shows that the commercial sector is growing faster than originally expected, which suggests that job growth will pick up as well. This report indicates that the economy is starting to grow more rapidly. Recent reports on rising commercial loans corroborate this prediction.

Commercial Loans Indicate Columbus Economy on the Upswing

Columbus businesses have been expanding more rapidly over the past year. According to Fifth Third Bank, the number of commercial loans it received in 2015 has increased 12% since the prior year. Jerry Kelsheimer, the CEO of the bank’s headquarters in the northern part of the Ohio, said that the number of loans in that region is growing over twice as fast as other markets it serves.

The rising number of loans isn’t the only factor demonstrating that the economy is becoming more robust. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. has released data showing the average dollar value of each commercial loan is rising by 8%, which means that the total value of all commercial loans has risen 50%.

The rising number of commercial loans indicates that businesses are expected to grow much faster over the coming year. This suggests that the Ohio economy is going to be much stronger in the coming year.

Housing Market Will Rise As Private Sector Jobs Are Created

There is a strong correlation between private sector job growth and housing sales. New commercial loans indicate that private sector employers are looking to expand. They will probably need to hire new staff to meet their needs as they strive to penetrate new markets and reach more customers.

Stronger job creation will ultimately lift the housing market. Realtors throughout Northern and Central Ohio are confident that housing sales will boom as hiring picks up. Demand for housing may increase even more rapidly if out of state residents are drawn to Central Ohio seeking jobs.

Homeowners that are interested in selling their properties should be aware of this trend. They should pay close attention to changes in the job market, because they will likely be followed by a rising demand for new housing in the area.

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Five Things to Consider Before Remodeling your Columbus Kitchen


Remodeling the kitchen can give the home a fresh new feel and gives the owners a chance to entertain friends and family in a modern and comfortable space. Remodeling a kitchen is a “project”, but gathering some initial information and following a proven process will make the project be smooth and successful.

While a great Design/Build Contractor may have their own internal process for Planning, Designing, and Building a Kitchen, the Homeowner also has some internal housekeeping to consider. Here are five things that should be done before calling your Columbus Design/Build Kitchen Contractor:

Get everyone involved.

Consult with your significant other regarding changes that you may like to make. Consulting with a spouse can make the remodeling process less stressful and it gives a fair chance of feedback. The couple should agree on a price to avoid spending too much money on the project.

Select a “main point of contact”.

One person should be in charge of all communication with your Design Build Contractor. This makes flow of information more reliable. Establish a single phone number and email at which your Contractor will communicate with. Establish backup persons in case of an emergency.

Establish a Comfortable Budget

Determining a budget can decrease the chances of overspending. It’s very important to meet the requirements of your dream and your spending limit. Do not choose to remodel something that’s not required over something that needs attention immediately. Prioritizing can help reduce stress and spending. Before you enter a design arrangement, relay your budget in order to avoid “over designing” your dream and being disappointed. Your contractor should be able to give you facts and figures using the “Cost Versus Value Report”, a Nationally recognized resource for establish base project budgets.

Discuss Budget with your Design Build Contractor

If you feel your contractor is not trustworthy to share your budget with, it’s time to find a new contractor. You need to have an open and honest business relationship if you’re going to make it through the project happily. Selecting a trustworthy contractor is important when allowing them into your home. Selecting a company that screens all employees essential.  While selecting a trustworthy contractor it’s very important to be detailed about your expectations. A contractor who can agree on the negotiated price, project and time frame is the one to select.

Select a time that’s best for the remodeling process to begin

A typical kitchen project can take anywhere from 8-12 weeks. This time could be longer if you are involving other projects in the home. Timing is everything especially when it comes to important projects. The best time to begin a remodeling process is when the space is unoccupied. Using the space while under construction can cause interruption and possibly accidents. Do you have pets, kids, or grumpy neighbors? Think about these things and relay them to your contractor before your project is scheduled.


Take these 5 points into consideration,  share them with your contractor, and you will be on your way to beginning the Design / Build process of building your dream kitchen!