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Should I Add Another Bathroom in the Basement?

If you’re considering adding another bathroom to your basement, there are many things to think about. Adding a bathroom in the basement can add both convenience and value to the home. That extra bathroom could also take away some stress regarding bathroom competition. How can you tell if it’s the right choice for your home and lifestyle? Read more

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3 Ways to Tell If Your Bathroom Needs a Remodel


Do you have “deferred maintenance” piling up when it comes to fixing up your bathroom? You may be waiting for certain warning sides before you pull the trigger on committing to a full bathroom remodel. Here are five ways you can tell if such a bathroom remodel is in your near future. Read more

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Kitchen & Bath Remodels Yield a Great Return on Investment in Ohio

When looking to sell a house in Ohio, the greatest concern for many homeowners is the value their house is likely to fetch in the market. Many will be left pondering whether undertaking some renovations on it will pay off by increasing its resale value. And if it will, what specific areas of renovation are more likely to raise the value and by how much. Fortunately for homeowners, various remodeling projects have been known to raise the resale value of a house and also offer the potential of a high return on the re-structuring investment, ROI.
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Central Ohio Receives 3 Million in Funding for Affordable Housing Projects

Ohio Governor John Kasich made affordable housing in his state a priority long before his presidential bid. He is taking new measures to follow through on this promise. The Ohio Housing Finance Agency recently announced that it will be providing $3 million in funding to affordable housing programs in the central part of the state. This initiative will be helpful for Columbus and other communities with limited housing for low income citizens. Read more

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Why You Should Pull a Remodeling Permit

Applying for a permit can be a hassle, but it is a very important step when doing many types of remodeling projects. You can encounter a number of problems if you don’t go through this process. Read more

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What Makes a High Quality Kitchen Cabinet

When it comes to choosing kitchen cabinets, considering how long they will last is an extremely important factor. Finding options using high quality materials, such as solid plywood construction, is usually worth the added cost over less expensive stock cabinetry options. Laminates and thermofoil are often used as budget-conscious options, and these options are known to occasionally experience issues down the line. So then, what makes a high quality kitchen cabinet? Read more