Why Finding the Right Personality to Remodel Your Home is So Important

“Just as there are unscrupulous contractors striving for a homeowners business, there are those who are conscientious and concerned with the final results.” – Kathi Fleck, Renovate, Remodel… Relax

Just like with any business, customer service should always be a top priority. The remodeling industry is no different. In fact,  customer service may be the most important thing when someone is trusting you to work on their home. Therefore you want to be sure that you find someone that you feel comfortable working with in every aspect of your project. You need to find the right personality to deal with when you’re remodeling your home.

Find Someone Who Listens to You

A common feeling for a homeowner is finding a contractor who doesn’t listen to your design ideas or the needs of your family. The right contractor will suggest options to help achieve your goals. If you feel you’re being forced to do something, ask why that particular option is important. It is also important to understand that your contractor may have already pre-selected products and materials they know and trust. They are responsible for delivering a great experience and to also provide lasting value to your project.

Trust Your Contractor

When it comes to choosing a contractor, it’s all a matter of trust. Many homeowners go into a contractor meeting with a sense of distrust, especially with all of the horror stories that some may hear from family and friends. But that’s not the way to go. Most contractors are honest, hard-working people. There are just always going to be a few bad apples, just as with anything else.  But you should always give the contractors who are bidding for your job an honest chance. If something doesn’t feel right or sounds wrong, do your homework. If you find that your feelings are backed up, just move on to someone else.


Once you find someone you can trust, you want to be sure that they are going to get the job done in a manner that makes sense to you. Unfortunately, you can find the greatest contractor ever, but they can’t get the job done in the timeframe you desire. In most cases, a remodel needs to happen as quickly as possible, especially when it’s involving a main room of the home, such as the main bathroom or kitchen. A lot of top contractors who deal with big projects tend to be booked far in advance. So to find the best option, you’ll need to begin your search many months in advance. You really don’t want to find yourself only choosing a less desirable option based solely on availability.

There are other things you should always check before hiring anyone, as well. You can find someone who seems extremely nice, but the offers seem too good to be true. Usually if something seems too perfect, it probably isn’t. Doing your due diligence and checking insurance and references is always a good way to make sure you’re getting someone honest and legitimate. By references, this doesn’t just mean online reviews – which can be paid for by companies despite the fact that you’re not supposed to do so. You should find people that offer real references from real projects with proof that it was done as they say. By covering all your bases and feeling a connection with a contractor, you’ll find the right company for your home remodeling job.

From Our House to Your Home – Remodeling with Scott Hall Remodeling

Join Sunny 95’s Marty as he welcomes guest host, Scott Hall for our Sunday Morning Programming, “From Our House to Yours – Remodeling with Scott Hall Remodeling.”


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Hear the latest information and tips from Scott on home remodeling in Columbus Ohio, repairs, and construction:

  • Scott’s friendly approach to working with customers
  • Creating a kid-friendly kitchen
  • How design build remodeling helps with new projects from concept to completion
  • How to select a home remodeler and what to look for
  • Getting your home ready for the holidays
  • Great remodeling projects you can start now on any budget
  • Energy saving and go-green projects that can save you money


About Scott Hall Remodeling

Scott Hall is the owner of Scott Hall Remodeling and has been in business since 1999. He’ll be the first one to tell you that every remodeling project starts with a good plan and an experienced team of experts. As one of the most experienced and friendliest remodelers, he will discuss various aspects of remodeling and different types of projects that you can work on with any budget. He will also give you tips and pointers on how to create the remodeling project of your dreams.


Recent Accolades

Scott Hall Remodeling has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. They have tons of great reviews on Angie’s List, are a member of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, and they have been featured on Houzz. With thousands of happy customers, Scott Hall has successfully become one of the friendliest, most skilled and experienced remodelers in the Ohio area. When you’re ready to start a remodeling project or if you have questions about a current project, contact Scott Hall Remodeling or call them at (614) 806-3200. Scott Hall Remodeling is located at 341 S. 3rd Street, Suite 100, just north of German Village, Columbus, OH 43215. Follow Scott Hall Remodeling on Facebook and you can find their remodeling project videos on YouTube. Need an idea for your next remodeling project? Check out Scott Hall Remodeling News and Articles for their remodeling tips.


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Why Hire a Certified Columbus Kitchen Designer

Your kitchen is a main staple in your home. It’s a place where you can come together with family and friends to cook up some of the most delicious meals and discuss the events of the day. Because of this, you want a place that is functional and stylish. While you might have an idea of what you want in a new kitchen, it isn’t always easy to bring all of the key design elements together on your own. This is why you need the help of a local Columbus kitchen remodeling specialist to make sure you get exactly what you want and more. Just check out some of the following reasons why a Columbus kitchen designer is right for you. Your Design / Build Firm will work hand in hand with the designer while following the highly successful Design / Build System.  Read more about why Design / Build is better for Columbus Homes.


They have an eye for design.

Many people simply don’t have an eye for design. What they think is going to look good together ends up being a disaster when all is said and done. Because of this, you need a Columbus kitchen designer who has a flair for putting together the right color combinations and styles to give you an aesthetically appealing design that you can enjoy spending time in and baking up delicious meals.


They have completed countless projects just like yours already.

When you hire a Columbus kitchen remodeling professional to come in and do the job, you can trust that the job is going to be done right. These professionals have completed countless remodeling projects similar to yours in the past, so they know what works and what doesn’t. Instead of wasting time trying to do the job on your own, you can turn to a remodeling professional to get it done quickly and efficiently.

Dublin Ohio Kitchen Remodel

They are able to take your vision and bring it to life.

If you have an idea of what you are looking for but aren’t able to convey it properly, you can let the professional Columbus kitchen designer come in make your vision a reality. All it takes is a little bit of information for these professionals to turn your drab kitchen into a stunning masterpiece that you can enjoy for years to come.

As you prepare for your new Columbus design build, you can trust that you are going to get everything you want and more with the help of a licensed professional. By putting your trust in someone else, you can end up with a kitchen that you are going to love for years to come. If you ever have any questions about the process or what the Columbus kitchen designer can do for you, ask. No job is too big or too small. Before you know it, you will be sitting down to a delicious meal prepared in your new custom kitchen.


DIY Versus Hiring a Professional Columbus Area Remodeler

At the end of the day, how long a remodel will take depends on the manpower and design expertise of those undertaking the project. While it may seem exciting to undertake a minor household repair and make choices on the fly, there are definitely times to consider turning the project over to a reputable Ohio design build company.


Local and State Building Codes

Many remodeling projects to your home require permitting from local municipalities. This process was created to keep homeowners safe from performing dangerous modifications to their home. Failure to comply with your local building department could result in fines. Homeowners performing their own structural, plumbing, or electrical work may also bring their homeowners insurance out of compliance. If the work results in a plumbing disaster or a fire, the homeowner may not be covered by their insurance company to help resolve the damages.


Proper Planning is Key

It may seem like choosing a design-build firm will end up limiting your freedom of design choices. However, keep in mind that the design build team will always keep your budget in mind, as well as the various limitations of your space. Making sure a remodel goes smoothly involves proper, in-depth planning that a design build firm will make sure that you have. If you jump into a project with just ideas, you may end up changing your mind and having to spend extra money to re-do parts that have already been partially completed. That not only wastes money, but plenty of time, as well.


With almost any project, there are bound to be some changes made during the building process. This is completely normal to want to change things while you’re at it. Using a design-build firm actually makes change orders much easier, and since it’s drawn out in the scope of work when certain products are to arrive and certain work is to be done, it’s more clear when certain changes can still be made without much hassle. If you’re doing it on the fly, the project can stall for days, weeks, or even months because of seemingly simple changes, especially when new product is involved.


Staying On Time and On Budget

Remodeling can be an exciting adventure. Why let budget get in your way? Well, unfortunately budget is a very real thing. If not properly planned around can lead to projects being stalled indefinitely. Also, some parts of a project can take longer than you might expect. By working with a design build firm, you can prevent some project delays by not having to wait on trades such as electrical and plumbing. Especially with one-stop shop companies that have some or all of the trades working directly for them, you can get the services you need more reliably without having to put the entire project on hold while the electrician or plumber clears their calendars.


The problem with remodeling on the fly is that you’re really at the whim of not only contractor and tradespeople schedules, but your own as well. With a design build company, you’ll have a project manager all the way through. If you’re going on the fly, sure, you may have a project manager. But if the project hits a snag, you may end up having to switch contractors and involve a brand new project manager to bring up to speed. This costs everyone involved time and money. So it might be an adventure, but it’s not going to be a fun one.


Getting Dedication All the Way Through

If you’re undertaking any sort of major project, it’s best to involve a dedicated design build firm who will offer a full scope of work. This way, you have some guarantee when things will be completed and when. You’ll also have a good idea of where the budget will stand and when certain aspects of the project will be worked on, allowing you to plan accordingly. Because of how complicated remodeling projects can become, having guidance and assistance is extremely important. Don’t feel bad hiring a design build firm. Feel good that you’ve saved yourself so much frustration, time, and money.


Overall Quality

Each phase of the remodel requires foresight and planning in order to make the finished product look complete. Your Ohio Design Build Company will have experience in both design and quality craftsmanship. Knowing what will work, and what “just won’t look right” is a huge factor in how your remodel comes out. There is nothing worse than completing an expensive remodel and you are unhappy with the quality and finish of the end product. Consider all of these factors before you consider your next DIY project.

Why It’s Best to Have a Scope of Work

There are many companies that claim that they offer design/build services. But if they don’t offer scope development, then they really aren’t a true design build firm. So what’s so important about having a scope of work? You may be familiar with the expression: the devil is in the details. That’s definitely true in remodeling. While you can’t plan for every contingency, a developed scope of work will help cover details that may otherwise be overlooked. It can also help you form the best possible estimate for what your project will realistically cost.

So here is what a scope of work actually entails, thanks to this definition from Udemy.

“The Scope of Work (SOW) is a formal agreement document that specifies all the criteria of a contract between a service provider (vendor) and the customer. It clearly documents the projectDesign-Build-Remodeling requirements, milestones, deliverables, end products, documents and reports that are expected to be provided by the vendor.”

Because it’s part of the work contract itself, the scope of work allows for a clear understanding for all parties involved. Everything from homeowner requirements to the complete outline of the project is included. Every tiny detail is scrutinized and included for the protection of all involved. The last thing you want is for some important detail to be forgotten. By having everything spelled out in a document, everyone has a chance to be on the same page at all time.

One of the major parts of a scope of work is setting objectives and realistic project timelines. You’ve probably heard lots about projects being broken down into phases. This is all outlined in a scope of work. Each phase has to be spelled out completely. While working out of all this can take some time, it’s well worth it to dispel any potential confusion. If any communication breakdowns do happen, you always have the scope of work to refer back to in that case.

Also, the scope of work includes any maintenance agreements, warranties, and any other terms and conditions that apply. Of course, there are likely going to be unforeseen issues not covered by the scope of work. The scope of work actually has to make allowances for these sorts of things. Many projects, especially those being done in older homes, have a percent of the estimated budget dedicated as a contingency. This is the most common way of dealing with this. If that contingency isn’t enough, this is when the scope of work helps protect the homeowner by not allowing for cost overruns unless authorized by the owner.

You’ve probably seen on many remodeling shows how something will come up and the contractor has to discuss modifying another part of the project in order to keep it on budget. This is actually because there is a scope of work governing the project. Without having this contractual protection, you could suddenly find yourself spending more money before you even realize what is happening.

So why is it best to have a scope of work? It acts as protection for both the homeowner and contractor, as well as any other parties involved, that the project is being executed as promised. Without the scope of work, there become gray areas that can lead to problems on both sides. By having a written, legal agreement, the likelihood of any potential problems is reduced by leaps and bounds. So if you’re working with a contractor, make sure that they follow up with a scope of work before work begins. You’ll be happy you did.

The Value of an In-Law Suite Addition

If you have a seldom used basement area, attic space, or room on the property for an addition, you may have considered building an in-law suite. You also may wonder just how much value such an addition or renovation is worth. There is actually a lot of value in adding a space with a full bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen unit. If it has its own separate access, it’s even better. The number one thing about a functional living area separate from your own can offer great rental potential. Even if you don’t plan to actually rent out the space now, it adds value to your home for future use. Read more