Featured Bathroom: Upper Arlington Master Bathroom Transformation

Here is a short video highlighting a recently completed Master Bathroom Project  in Upper Arlington, OH.

A Special Thanks to My Entire Team

I want to express my sincere gratitude to my entire team:  Greg Wilson, Bryn Hanover, Dave Love, and my wife Patty (our Office Manager).  I know that we could not pull off the kind of service and quality of the Bathrooms that we remodel without you all.  I am very appreciative of your understanding and embodiment of the kind of care and attention to detail and quality of interactions with Clients that is so important to me.  I know that I have expressed this personally to each of you, but wanted to do so in a blog post because of how important you all are to our ability to continue to provide the highest quality service to our Clients.

I especially wish to offer a congratulations to each of you in your outstanding efforts to go above and beyond throughout this past year which helped us to achieve yet another Angie’s List Super Service Award for 2011 – the third year in a row of winning this award.  I know that you all are aware of how rare this achievement is, in that less than 1% of the Remodelers on Angie’s list have achieved this award for at least three years in a row.  I am very proud of each of you and offer a personal thanks and wishing the best to each of you in your own personal lives as well as our Remodeling Teamwork together as we move forward throughout 2012.

Thanks so much!

– Scott Hall

tile shop store image

The Tile Shop – 1000 Morse Rd, Columbus, Ohio

tile shop store image



We have been working with the Tile Shop in Columbus, Ohio for many years.  The staff at The Tile Shop has been extremely helpful in helping us work with Our Clients in designing tile layouts for their bathrooms.  The selection and store displays are, in our opinion, among the best in the area.


We are very appreciative of the quality of service given by everyone on the staff.  We have put together a Photo Gallery of Tile Ideas on our Website in order to provide a resource for people that are in the “gathering ideas” stage of the bathroom remodeling process.  Please feel free to email us any questions you may have.  Thanks so much!   – Scott Hall

Onyx Collection Solid Surface – Great Bathroom Solution

If you’ve never heard of The Onyx Collection, it is a fantastic solid surface bathroom product.  I have been working with the Onyx Collection for many years now.   I would like to speak to both the quality of their product and the quality of the company.  In terms of quality, this product is extremely durable.  It is the only solid surface product that I know of that carries a Lifetime Guarantee (with no strings attached). There are a huge number of colors available (over 60), and several finish options.

As far as Customer Service, I have never encountered a company the size of The Onyx Collection that is so good to deal with- each time I call there (several times per week) it feels like I am interacting with a local small business.  They are located in Belvue, Kansas and have been getting more and more attention the last several years as they are establishing a larger and growing market for themselves in the United States by offering this combination of quality and service.

The beauty of this product is that is allows for a nearly zero maintanence solution in the bathroom.  It is totally 100% waterproof.  And because The Onyx Collection has matching silicone for each of their over 60 colors available, it ends up looking like a totally seamless, very elegant solution for the bathroom.


Scott Hall welcomes you to our new Website…

Over the past several months I have been working on lots of updates to our Website.  Based on a lot of the feedback I have received over the past year, I came to realize that while our existing website was very nice, it was lacking some important information that would be valuable to homeowners in order to gain a better understanding of who we are, what we are about, our business processes, and more information related to our specialty- Bathroom Remodeling.

One of the problems with traditional websites is that they are relatively static which makes it more difficult to post new content, articles, and constantly changing information in the industry.  I spent a lot of time searching for the best way to deal with these issues.  This website is built on a platform and in such a manner that features a built-in BLOG which will allow us to post new information, content, more sharing of information and resources, and links to relevant articles that I think is going to make the user experience much better.  This will also give the end user more of a one-stop shop when researching ideas and information for their Bathroom Remodeling Project.

Any information, feedback, criticism, or comments about this site would be welcomed as I wish to constantly improve on what we are doing.

As we launch the new site we discovered that the 5.7% of the folks out there that might use Internet Explorer 9 as their browser might be experiencing some problems with how our home page renders. We’re aware of the problem and like with everything we do we’re working on fixing it (if you’re really interested why this happens you might like to read Why IE9 is a Web Designer’s Nightmare)

Thanks so much for visiting our new site!

– Scott Hall

3d Model

The Importance of Design before Building

A.Y. Reynoldsburg 3d Model


Why is it that we bother with a design stage?

This step is the one we have found that is most missing from many remodeling projects.  We have discovered over the years that a successful remodeling project is best accomplished with a thorough plan at the outset.  This means identifying very clearly a specific project scope.  This involves creative engagement on our part. This is where we use our many years of Bathroom Remodeling Experience and apply it to your project.  This takes time and effort to accomplish.  As we have worked with our clients over the years, we have rescued many projects that clients started with other contractors that had gone sour, or simply that things were not turning out the way the clients had envisioned.

We found some common links to the source of these problems.  The idea of “Free Estimates” for a Remodeling Project is a good idea from the standpoint of trying to determine a general cost range. One goal of our initial consultation is meant to provide exactly this – a general cost range or estimate of the Project you would like to accomplish.  The problem is that often times contractors are using a “free estimate” to enter into an agreement to engage in work together.  While this works out okay for things like roofing, siding, painting, and other such projects, when it comes to remodeling projects, it falls short and more often than not tends to create real problems. This is why we favor an approach of setting a target cost and designing according to your budget.  This is the most likely approach that is going to keep your project WITHIN BUDGET – because all the parameters are being worked out ahead of time.

Jerrald Hayes, a friend and business associate of mine, has written a excellent article about the importance of The Design Process —>  Design/Build – What does it mean?… an Overview