We have been providing and installing Solid Surface products by The Onyx Collection since 2007.  The Onyx Collection is the premiere Solid Surface Product of choice for an elegant look and feel to your bathroom while also being super easy to clean and maintain.  This is the only Solid Surface Product we have ever come across that truly is Guaranteed FOREVER!

It is available in over 60 Different colors and 4 different finishes.  The Onyx Collection is truly the best, most durable, and most customizable product on the market. Literally any size Shower base, Shower wall panels, Tub Surround, Vanity Tops, Tub systems can be make custom sized to order.

Back in 2007 when we started installing this product, we realized very quickly that this is the best “solid surface” bathroom product we have ever used.  Add to this the versatility of how customizable it is, and this product very quickly became our number one choice for Solid Surface.


Click here: EXAMPLE OF AN ONYX COLLECTION BATHROOM by Scott Hall Remodeling


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Frequently Asked Questions…


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