Our Process

Our Clients have told us that what they appreciated most was the communicative, personable approach from us from start to finish.  Here is our process…


1. Contact us

Simply fill out the contact form on our site or give us a call at (614) 806-3200.  We typically will respond to your inquiry with us within 1 to 2 business days.


2. Initial Phone Call

Coleen, our new account coordinator, will schedule a time to have a phone consultation with you to discover more about your project and your specific needs.  This allows us to more fully understand your project and set up an In-home meeting.


3. In-home Meeting

This give us a chance to look at your space, listen to your thoughts and ideas, and help in formulating workable solutions for your needs.  Our Goal is to assist in aligning your desires and ideas with the realistic investment required.  During this consultation, we will determine an appropriate “Project Scoping Retainer”, a fee that will cover the process of creating a document detailing the scope of work for your specific project.  Emails, phone calls, and sometimes in-home meeting follow-ups are often required to arrive at a fully workable plan.


4. Detailed Project Plan

The Project Planning fee will allow us to take the necessary time to put together a very detailed PROJECT PLAN and cost.  Our Clients have given us a lot of feedback of how much they appreciated paying a little bit up front to receive our very detailed project plan.  “It lets you know EXACTLY what you are going to get for your investment.”  This up front “project planning fee” has for many years been a part of the best quality remodeling companies and is becoming more common as homeowners familiar with remodeling have realized that without a thorough and detailed plan up front, it opens the doors for all sorts of unexpected problems during the project.


5. Review the Project Plan and Moving Forward

Once you review the project plan and costs,  we will answer any questions you may have, present information such as project timelines, dates, and other relevant details of your project.  Making your decision to move forward with the project can now allow specific choosing of items (if you have not yet done so) at our preferred local suppliers.


6. Construction

One of our Project Leaders will be scheduled for your project.  Throughout the Project, this person will be the “GO TO” person which will be leading the project, organizing, and communicating with you throughout.  We feel that communication between you (the homeowner) and ourselves is absolutely KEY in a successful project in which both parties involved feel good about the entire process.  We stay in communication throughout, giving updates, checking in, so everyone knows what is happening.  Also know that we highly value your home.  We take important measures to protect your home throughout the project.


7. Finalize and Review

At the end of your project, the Project leader on your project will review with you to make sure you are completely satisfied with the details of your project.


8. Enjoy Your Bathroom!

Our aim is that your experience with us is so satisfying that you would feel delighted in referring us to your friends, family, or neighbors for their project.


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