Teamwork is key to delivering a quality customer experience and it takes time and effort to build the right team of craftspersons who also have great interpersonal relationship skills. I really trust and appreciate the abilities that each of our members bring to our team.

Scott Hall, Owner

Scott Hall, OwnerI started Scott Hall Remodeling in 1999 here in Central Ohio. I had a fairly diverse background up to that point which I did not realize at the time had been preparing me for starting a remodeling business. I have always been a detailed-oriented person with a love for good quality design, and a sensitivity for the art inside of things. I have always felt that the quality of exchanges that occur between people are the most important elements of life. In the mid 1990’s I served in the role of a full-time counselor to at-risk teenagers which taught me a tremendous amount about myself, understanding other people’s needs, and working out solutions cooperatively with others.

Throughout my childhood I was fascinated with figuring out how things worked. Both my Father and Grandfather had an impact in my career directions. My father was a carpenter, an electrician, and later went on to lead an Engineering Team at Ford Motor Company. My Grandfather started operated Dana Construction in Port Clinton, Ohio from the early 60’s to the 1980’s. I spent considerable time with him learning about Construction. After Graduating from High School in 1990, I went on to study Engineering, Psychology, and worked in different capacities in these fields. But it was my childhood love for building that my Grandfather supported in me that many years later would lead to the beginning of our remodeling business. My biggest satisfaction comes from assisting and guiding my clients to help them get what they want in an environment which creates comfort and trust during the process.

Ali Souder, Color Coordination Specialist


Ali has had a passion for color and design since she was 12 years old, when fun for her meant picking out materials from a magazine to design a room. In 2003 Ali graduated from Bowling Green State University and moved to California for a few years working on unique design projects for private institutions and residences. Coming back to Ohio she worked in event design and then retail as the Visual Manager at Anthropologie in Easton Town Center. She since has worked in residential design for private homes throughout the Columbus Area selecting colors, materials, furnishings and accessories to complete a space.

”Working with Scott Hall Remodeling has been wonderful. It’s easy to underestimate the amount of choices that need to be made in a bathroom (or kitchen) remodeling project: Granite, Tile, Cabinets, fixtures, colors, finishes, textures, etc. I really enjoy helping people sift through all of these variables to really help make the project their own, a space they will find joy in for years to come.” -Ali Souder

Bryn Hanover, Lead Carpenter & Project Manager


Bryn started out very early in his life learning the art of craftsmanship and after 15 years of experience has become extremely proficient. Bryn’s father was in business as a custom furniture builder, fine finish carpenter, and renovator of old homes. Bryn started out at a very early age learning the art of fine woodworking, home renovations, and remodeling. He naturally took to it and loved it. His level of finishing details is very impressive. Bryn is a rare individual who brings not only extensive skills in every facet of Remodeling, but also fantastic problem solving skills and attention to detail.

“I feel fortunate to be part of the team at Scott Hall Remodeling. In all the years I have been in this field, I have never encountered the kind of culture that is here. Scott seems to be as interested in his employees well-being just as much as their skills and talents. I know that my leadership and skills have grown so much in this company and it really does feel like much more than a job. I feel like I am growing professionally and personally.” - Bryn Hanover

Shaun Adams, Project Installation


Shaun has always had an attention for detail and a love of arts and craftsmanship. From playing with Legos as a kid, to various projects in Boy Scouts, to his first job through high school and college of painting seasonally at Ohio State University, to his time at college studying filmmaking and music, to his years working at Habitat for Humanity, and into becoming a homeowner, these qualities have sharpened and grown in him. He loves learning new things and has a passion for perfection that won’t settle for a level of quality that’s lower than what he would put into his own home.

“I’m really excited to be a part of the Scott Hall team. This is a really exciting atmosphere to work in and I love seeing the reactions of people seeing their dreams come to life. The attention to customer service here is refreshing. Scott has a great vision and takes steps to do what’s best for both his customers and his employees. I look forward to continuing to grow and learn with my time here.” – Shaun Adams

Patty Hall, Office Manager

patty-hall2Patty (Scott’s wife) is an Ohio native. Scott and Patty married in 2006. Patty joined our team in early 2011 to assist in the multitude of day to day functions. Her background is in working specifically with “special-needs” adults and tutoring elementary children. She brings this experience, along with a genuine caring attitude, as she interacts with everyone who calls our office. She is also the Mother of three: Melissa and Andrew (my two step-children) and our little one, Brayden – born in May of 2008.