Our Clients have told us that what they appreciated most was the communicative, personable, and organized Design/Build approach from us from start to finish.

Why Design/Build?

Traditional remodeling projects result in both scheduling and cost overruns… And even worse a poorly planned project may result in a loss of ideas and design you wished you had thought of.

Design/Build is a proven philosophy of delivering construction projects in which the Contractor is the Project Leader and a Single Source of accountability to the homeowner. Design/Build, when carried out by a skilled and dedicated contracting team, provides the highest level of satisfaction and value to the homeowner.

At Scott Hall Remodeling, we’ve implemented an easy to follow, streamlined Design/Build approach to solving your Remodeling needs. We act as a single source of accountability to you from our free initial consultation right through our warranty.

You are never left wondering “what happens next” or “what should we be doing”.

The 5 Phases of our Design/Build Process

Phase 1: Consultation and Budgeting

The purpose of the consultation and budgeting is: Meet, discuss project scope, decide if we are a good fit for each other based on timing, project philosophy, and budgetary constraints.

  1. Contact Scott Hall Remodeling at (614) 806-3200 or visit www.ScottHallRemodeling.com/contact-us and submit a consultation request to us.
  2. We will have an initial conversation with you, hear your concerns, and ask you a lot of questions about your timeframe to completion, styles, tastes, concerns, etc.
  3. Schedule an in-home appointment with all parties of interest. This meeting can last anywhere from 1 to 4 hours depending on the size and scope of the project. We will discuss your goals, ideas, wants, and needs. We look for any initial problem areas like zoning or other constraints that may affect the project.
  4. We will discuss typical projects in your range and style and what the typical cost is according to the cost versus value report for your area. Many common finish surface options will be given a square foot allowance to be decided later in the project.
  5. Provided both parties seem to be in agreement with budget, scope, and ability to work together, we will return to our office and create an initial Design quotation.
  6. We will return to the home with the Design Agreement outlining the scope of the intended work. The Design agreement contains a base project summary along with areas requiring to be researched, plans that may need to be produced, etc. In order to move forward into the Design Phase, an investment  is required on part of the client.

Phase 2: Discovery and Design

The purpose of the discovery and design is: Perform initial Discovery of what is possible, Finalize the Design, Finalize Scope, and Produce Final Contract. Accept Construction Deposit if client wants to build the project.

  1. A Project binder is created and used to compile the important details of your project.
  2. Research and Town Zoning, Historic, or Neighborhood Covenant constraints.
  3. Introduce and Engage Design and Specialty Trade Staff as needed for additional consultation on desired remodel.
  4. Meet and tweak design as needed.
  5. Perform a Specialty Trade site walkthrough as required when design is stabilized.
  6. Obtain all quotes needed for project once Design is complete.
  7. Begin finish surface selections if applicable.
  8. Client is notified if/when project exceed initial price range.
  9. At the completion of the Design Phase, the client is presented with a solid Construction Agreement outlining a loose schedule, all work in detail to be performed, The initial construction deposit locks the client into our schedule. Customer will be given an estimated start date and an estimated end date.
  10. Design Investment is applied to the Construction project price if construction agreement is signed.

Phase 3: Planning and Organization

The purpose of the planning and organization phase is: “Get our ducks in a row”.

  1. Order custom or long lead time products.
  2. File and obtain necessary permits.
  3. Schedule trades personnel.
  4. Finalize any product selections outstanding.
  5. Perform onsite pre-construction meeting. Establish the communication center, and the “dos and don’ts” of working in your home.

Phase 4: Construction

The purpose of the construction phase is: Prepare your home for construction and build what we’ve designed.

  1. Prepare demo areas and all finished surfaces with scratch protection. This includes common areas and areas between the entry area of home and project area.
  2. Installation of a Hospital Grade HEPA filtration unit to reduce dust contamination throughout your home.
  3. Perform construction per our design and detailed construction agreement.
  4. Collection of milestone payments.
  5. Address any additional requirements or concerns of the homeowner as they arise during the project.
  6. Construction is complete and a final walk through is performed with the homeowner to prepare the “punch list”.
  7. All outstanding materials are removed at the completion of your project.

Phase 5: Warranty

  1. By using quality products and materials we leave your project knowing we have truly delivered lasting value. Scott Hall Remodeling provides 1 Year Labor on all projects.  and we will assist you with Manufacturer’s Warranties. A copy of our warranty is provided and explained to every client.

Take the next step to your well planned and well executed remodel. Call Scott Hall Remodeling at 614-806-3200 or Click Here to Contact Us…